Access to the profession: How to become an architect in this country ?

Basic Programme:

-     Official entrance examination

-    Academic training of 6 years (360 ECTS) = 4 years of Bachelor’s + 2 years of Master’s

-     Period of compulsory professional experience of 2 years

-     Compulsory -     Compulsory registration with the Union of Architects of Romania.

-     Continued training: not compulsory.

• Variants:

-     Training in 6 years with, in the last year, an in-office internship of 3 months + 2 months of management courses + 4 months of a degree project (?)

-    Professional experience period of 6 months to 2 years (Note: a vocational Master’s degree can be endorsed as an internship)

-     It is also possible to do a doctorate in 4 years.

Academic education

Entrance examinations

Yes (25% success rate)

Duration of academic education

6 years

Certificate of end of studies is delivered by an end-of-studies jury composed of 32 persons, of whom 50% are foreign members (with at least one American and one Asian member). This jury also includes a representative of the professional Chamber.

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