Summary of ACE and ENACA Survey on Accreditation of Architecture Programmes within Europe


The purpose of this study has been to understand the national systems for the accreditation of architecture qualifications, the accreditation of additional requirements beyond education for access to the market and the quality assurance systems that underpin the robustness of the Professional Qualifications Directive’s automatic recognition system.

The questionnaire sought feedback on 13 questions that gathered information on the duration of formal period of study, the additional requirements for market access as an architect, and the quality assurance around these systems. This report is based solely on the answers received from ACE Member Organisations/ENACA Members via the survey (the findings are set out below in Appendix 1) and draws attention to responsibility for assessing compliance with Article 46 of the PQD, the incorporation of the PQD requirements within national accreditation processes, an overview of the national accreditation requirements for both education and the additional requirements for market access, nationally set learning outcomes for qualifications, and quality assurance requirements for universities. 

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