IFLA Europe and Architects' Council of Europe signed Memorandum of Understanding


IFLA Europe and Architects' Council of Europe signed Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of establishing a strong alliance of professional institutions in environment, planning, architecture, landscape architecture, management and design to better serve professional needs of their respective members, associated partners and thereby the society in general. 

IFLA EUROPE and the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) have recognised the opportunity for the two professions to work together and strengthen their cooperation. They will be mutually supportive, collaborative and work to ensure this Memorandum of Understanding contributes to their objectives and directly contributes to the aims, aspirations and activities of both organisations. 

The two organisations agreed to recognise the distinct nature and standing of the two unique, separate and complementary professions of architecture and landscape architecture, to collaborate and cooperate in order to strengthen the roles of both architecture and landscape architecture, to reinforce the importance of the spatial context, to enhance the quality of life of human beings and to provide enhanced service to support their respective members’ professional needs through joint development, commitment and action. 

IFLA Europe and Architects’ Council of Europe will work on mutual benefits and better working synergies and shall explore opportunities for joint positions and/or joint actions towards third parties on issue which are of common interest and value. The first step towards this strengthened cooperation was already made – Architects’ Council of Europe invited IFLA Europe to join the New European Bauhaus Collective platform and have already made in November 2020 a Statement “Making the Renovation Wave a cultural project” to express initial views on the New European Bauhaus and offer its support to the Commission. 


IFLA Europe is the umbrella organisation for national professional associations for Landscape Architecture in the countries of European Union and Council of Europe. IFLA Europe consists of 34 National Associations across Europe representing nearly 20.000 landscape architects. IFLA Europe’s purpose is to establish, promote and support the landscape architectural profession across Europe, contributing to international discourse, shaping and disseminating European initiatives, facilitating the exchange of information, whilst promoting excellence in professional practice, education and research culminating in a culturally rich, diverse and sustainable Europe. IFLA Europe also strives to enhance the quality of landscape planning, designing, monitoring and managing in natural, rural and built environments, representing professionals who deal with the interactions between natural and cultural ecosystems, such as adaptation and mitigation related to climate change and the stability of ecosystems, socio-economic improvements, and community health and welfare to create places that anticipate social and economic well-being.

The Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) is the representative organisation for the architectural profession at European level. Its membership consists of 43 Member Organisations, which are the regulatory and professional representative bodies in all EU Member States, UK, Switzerland and Norway. Through them, the ACE represents the interests of 562.000 architects from 31 countries in Europe.

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