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The Architects’ Council of Europe is regularly involved in EU-funded projects.
Stay updated with the latest news, deadlines and calls for contributions!


Introducing the two new EU funded projects 

ACCORD (September 2022 - August 2025)
Digitalised building permit and compliance checks using BIM to improve the productivity and quality of design and construction.

The three-year project ACCORD started in September. The EU-funded project develops a digital framework and tools using BIM to facilitate the building permit submission and approval, making the process more transparent, cost-effective, and faster for all involved.The digital tools and framework will be demonstrated and validated in Estonia, Finland, Germany, Spain, and the UK, using real project data and feedback from people involved in the building permit process, such as public authorities, architects, and engineers. The ACE will lead the development of the e-Learning training material and training activities, linking it with its work groups of CPD and BIM. Additionally, the ACE will support the dissemination and communication activities. Access the ACCORD website and follow us on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

NEBULA (October 2022 - March 2025) 
New European Bauhaus Unlocked through Built4People (B4P)-endorsed Local Action
NEBULA project builds up from the Built4 People (B4P) partnership.
It is a 30-month project that started in October. B4P is a European Partnership under Horizon Europe focusing on research for a People-centric sustainable built environment. The partnership is led by the WGBC and ECTP and ACE is currently a member of the board. NEBULA project will create a strong link between the B4P partnership and the New European Bauhaus activities by activating and nurturing a network of B4P Innovation Clusters (B4PIC). NEBULA will provide them with a package of supporting activities to:     
- Improve visibility, adoption and uptake of innovative solutions that are in line with the New European Bauhaus thanks to increased awareness of benefits from innovation and better access to co-financing    
Foster intensified, cross-sectorial and interdisciplinary peer-learning from front runners as well as cross-border cooperation and networking,    
- Prepare for the long-lasting activities of the network of B4PIC and the integration of future B4PIC. A B4PIC is a local/regional cluster[1] that has matured enough to fully address the following five dimensions, identified as success factors to foster EU-scale, multidisciplinary and sustainable innovation in the Built Environment:      
- Whole value chain: integrating all stakeholders from the whole Built Environment innovation value chain (e.g. academic & industrial innovators, architects and contractors, end user associations, local authorities, etc.)    
- Cross-sectoral: integrating the different disciplines of the new Bauhaus (co-design, inclusiveness, circularity etc);    
- Locally anchored with national outreach: connecting a local territory with networks at national and European levels (e.g. national or European associations    
- Cross-border: interconnecting with clusters from other regions or Member States (e.g. euro-regions)     Access to testbeds and demo spaces: integrating or connecting to test beds, pilot buildings, and living lab facilities to demonstrate innovations.  
The ACE will produce a Vade mecum on how to better implement NEB principles at all stages of innovation life cycles. In 2023 ACE will identify and engage NEB ambassadors and draw on the NEB collective and on the NEB WG. The peer learning activities are coordinated by the ACE and led by the project coordinator DOWEL (FR). The ACE will also oversee the development of a NEB platform for knowledge sharing by R2M (FR).

1] The first four clusters were pre-selected during the proposal stage: in Finland, France, Spain and Hungary. The first four clusters were pre-selected during the proposal stage: in Finland, France, Spain and Hungary. Each one is as it says local/ regional. During the project time others can apply to take part as well.

Join us for up-coming SOAR events in Brussels, Copenhagen and online


The ACE is organising 3 events in the framework of the EU-funded SOAR project:
- The ‘EU-level Dialogue - Call for Best Practice Architectural Examples’ online event on 14 November – This network dialogue meeting will present three Best Practice Architectural Examples of applied standards in Security by Design for Places of Worship. The architectural projects were submitted to the SOAR call for Best Practice Examples and are also part of a publication which will be presented during this webinar as well. To register 
-The ‘EU Network Dialogue on Digitalisation and Cybersecurity for Places of Worship’ in Brussels on 29 November - The aim of this network dialogue meeting is to discuss Digitalisation and Cybersecurity of religious communities, including hate crime but also looking at safety of digital building data. To register 
-The ‘EU Network Dialogue on Funding Opportunities for Places of Worship’ in Copenhagen in December – exact date and registration link TBC; more information will soon be available on 
All SOAR events are free of charge, but registration is mandatory via the links above. We are looking forward to (e)meeting you there!     

Drive-0: Get trained on circular renovation for residential buildings


The ACE project Drive 0 is looking at how to decarbonize the existing EU building stock by enhancing a locally-based circular process of renovation of buildings. To do so, the ACE is co-organising a series of training and awareness-raising events for architects, property owners and social housing providers.  The next event will be in Barcelona on 24 November and will be organised by the Drive 0 partner UIPI, in partnership with the Confederation of Urban Property Chambers and Urban Property Owners Associations (Confederación de Cámaras de la Propiedad y Asociaciones de Propietarios de Fincas Urbanas) and the ACE. The event will be held in Spanish and Catalan and it is free of charge, but the registration is mandatory at this link.
The ACE project will bring the Drive 0 training also to Slovenia (February 2023, TBC) and Italy (June 2023, TBC) since 2 of the 7 Drive 0 demonstration buildings are based in these countries. In case you want to join those events next year, subscribe to the Drive 0 newsletter at this link to keep in the loop.           

Have you missed the Cultural-E sessions at EUSEW 2022?

The Cultural-E team recently organised three sessions in the framework of EUSEW 2022:
-‘Co-benefits of Plus Energy Buildings in household and community level‘ workshop, exploring many unaccounted benefits of Plus Energy Buildings (PEBs), apart from the generation of surplus energy from renewable sources. These ‘co-benefits’ can be broadly classified as environmental, user well-being, economic and social; 
-‘From Net Zero to Plus Energy Buildings: designing buildings for climate and cultural diversity‘ – the Cultural-E project Mid-term Conference, presenting the overall approach proposed by the project and the key methodologies and technology developments to increase the market uptake of PEBs in the EU;
- ‘Unlock the value of Positive Energy Buildings and Neighbourhoods’ – the Open workshop co-organised with the sister projects syn.nikia and EXCESS, presenting the main discussion points raised when dealing with PEBs in the residential sector.    
The sessions were held on 28 September in hybrid mode (Brussels and online). Have you missed them? Grab a seat and watch the recordings at this link.

BIM-Speed Competition winners and Workshop on Privacy and Artificial Intelligence 


With great pleasure announce the winners of the EU BIM for Building Renovation Competition which ran from June 2021 to April 2022. Professionals and students were invited to demonstrate their renovation project through the competition, using the BIM-SPEED platform for collaboration, in a way that allows energy savings for the occupants, and improves their comfort while reducing the time and the cost of the overall process.  Nine teams from across the world registered and the submissions were evaluated by a jury of five independent BIM experts with different backgrounds, including two ACE representatives: Mr Tomi Henttinen from SAFA, Finland and Ms Olga Venetsianou from CTG Greece.  Congratulations to Charlène Delavictoire Sobgoum Jiogo and Idriss Tchaheu Tchaheu from the National Advanced School of Public Works in Yaoundé, Cameroon!  They presented their project at the BIM-SPEED final event on 7 September 2022 and received the BIM-SPEED Competition Trophy. Find a full article about the winners here.   

We also wish to congratulate the other finalists Clélia Mendonça de Moraes, Everson de Castro Rodrigues and Anderson André Lima de Souza from the Federal University of São Carlos in São Paulo, Brazil, and the municipality of Araraquara for their excellent submission.  On 21 October the BIM-Speed workshop “Constructing Privacy – Ensuring Best Practices for the Digital Construction Industry” took place. Speakers of the workshop were Anne Weidenbach, Member of Kadri Simson, Commissioner for Energy Cabinet, Dr Joao Gonçalves, AI Expert and Marlon Domingus, Data Protection Officer.  Interesting discussions about Data Protection and Intellectual Property took place with an important contribution from Peter Hyttel Sorenson, DA Denmark, the chair of ACE BIM Working group. Watch the full webinar here.

BUSGoCircular call for Mentors and Mentees on green and active roofs



The mentorship programme at BUSGoCircular (BGC) seeks to foster the knowledge exchange in the Circular Building Design field. Mentoring is about creating a supportive relationship and ambiance between a mentor and a mentee. It is about listening, motivating and empowering the mentees to achieve their goals. 

>> Do you have experience in Circular Building Design? Fill in the form here and become a BGC mentor.  

 >> Are you studying or working in Circular Building Design? Fill in the form here and become a BGC mentee.

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