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The Architects’ Council of Europe adopts a policy position on Solidarity with Ukraine


The Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) is releasing a policy position, which sets out its ambitions and the principles that will guide its actions with respect to Solidarity with Ukraine. This strategy was developed in close partnership with the National Union of Architects of Ukraine.

From the very first days of the war, ACE strongly condemned the brutal invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation and expressed its unwavering solidarity with all those affected by this war.

Mindful of the fact that a built environment of high-quality is a strong driver of well-being, social cohesion and economic growth, ACE immediately expressed its concern about the destruction of the built environment in Ukraine, which undoubtedly will undermine heavily the capacity of the country to ensure its prosperity and will harm the welfare of its inhabitants in the long term.

The Architects’ Council of Europe immediately contacted its Ukrainian colleagues to express support and explore how the solidarity it has expressed could be translated into concrete actions.

In April, a representative of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine attended the ACE General Assembly in Brussels, and the Union was welcomed as an Observer member of the ACE.

The policy position that is released today was developed by the ACE “Solidarity with Ukraine” task-force and is informed by regular exchanges with the National Union of Architects of Ukraine. It sets out the ambitions, values and principles that will underpin and steer ACE endeavours to help Ukrainians in Ukraine and in exile, as well as the reconstruction of Ukraine.

ACE President Ms Ruth SCHAGEMANN said: “The social and structural rebuilding of Ukraine will be a Herculean task for our generation, especially for Ukrainian and European architects. We are sure that the principles of democracy, freedom and sustainability will manifest themselves in the newly built environment. It will be a stern test for the New European Bauhaus. European architects stand firmly at the side of their Ukrainian colleagues”.

Download the ACE policy position on Solidarity with Ukraine

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