Spain: Law on Architecture and Quality in the Built Environment


The Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda recently launched a public consultation that will inform the legislative development of a future Law on Spanish Architecture and Quality in the Built Environment. 

The new legislation will enshrine, in law, the importance of achieving Quality in the Built Environment and recognise Architecture as a matter of the utmost importance to meet environmental challenges, habitability, safety, accessibility and health requirements – as a key feature of people’s wellbeing, environmental sustainability, identity and social cohesion, as well as the country’s economic and social development. The Spanish Council of Architects (CSCAE), which has been calling for this legislative initiative for years, is confident that it will enjoy the broadest consensus in the process that is now beginning. 

ACE welcomes this initiative as a further contribution to the promulgation of architectural quality in Europe, for the benefit of the quality of life of its citizens. 

ACE President Georg Pendl stated on this occasion: "This new initiative in Spain shall be a good step forward concerning the importance of the quality of the built environment and of architecture. It can be seen as an impact of the Davos declaration, concluded in January 2018. Through this Spain is joining the European countries to have official rules, laws and declarations for quality in architecture. Since the Davos event, ACE has supported these initiatives and sees them as part of a strategy to foster the relevance of quality architecture. We thank the Spanish colleagues for their support and success of this path". 

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