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ACE shows solidarity with Ukraine. A message from ACE Women in Architecture work group


"This Women’s Day is dedicated to our colleagues in Ukraine.

Architecture is about protection, shelter, comfort. All the refugees, mostly women and children left their homes behind in order to save their lives. We condemn Putin's war in Ukraine, which is increasingly becoming a war against the civilian population.

We, the ACE Women in Architecture work group, cannot give you back your home but the least we can give you is protection, shelter and comfort by connecting you with people who open up their homes to welcome you. 

You will find below all the links from all European countries from our members of our ACE Women in Architecture work group".  

A message from the ACE Women in Architecture work group

Links - Please note that this webpage will be regularly updated.

The Belgian federal government’s crisis center has asked all Belgian localities the list of possible public and private hosts for Ukranian refugees on their territory. The compiled list does not yet exist, it will in a few days they have said.  So concerning immediate refugee shelters and aide, these are the contacts currently suggested by Belgian organisations, other than the Belgian UN Refugee Agency branch (UNHCR), of course: - 

Below is the text form France (AMO) Ordre des Architects  
LET'S HELP OUR UKRAINIAN COLLEAGUES, LET'S WELCOME THEM IN OUR STRUCTURES!  War is knocking on our doors. The brutality of Russian aggression cannot leave us unmoved and we naturally stand by Ukraine and its heroic resistance. In addition to the damage on the ground, the shattered lives, and the nuclear threat, thousands of people are fleeing the fighting. More than 500,000 yesterday, and many more tomorrow.  A few months ago, the AMO Prize was exhibited abroad for the first time. In Ukraine, in fact. In the beautiful city of Lviv, its architecture festival welcomed us to discuss the issues of heritage and contemporary architecture.  Today, we invite you to welcome architects, artists, project owners, engineers, students, city actors, communicators, photographers, administrators... in your structures. Launched this weekend, this call for solidarity from the city's actors has already collected a number of contributions and job proposals for these Ukrainian refugees: thank you to the architects, planners, institutions, etc. who have already come forward.  We need to coordinate these steps, with complementary actions for travel and emergency accommodation in the first instance. But it is important for these people to be able to rebuild their lives, before rebuilding their country.  We suggest that you take part in this solidarity movement initiated by AMO and joined by AFEX, and send us your contact details, the type of potential job offered and we will try to make the link with the profiles received on the Ukrainian side. 

What is probably needed are sleeping places for the refugees. Here we want to make our network available to the Ukrainian Association of Architects.
This is coordinated by the Federal Chamber of Architects and the 16 chambers of architects in the federal states. Please feel free to send us or your state chamber an email to if you can offer concrete help.   

The National Union of Ukrainian Architects, as well as facebook groups of Ukrainian architects inform about our support in finding a job in Poland, which we initiated on the group PRACA DLA ARCHITEKTA / Architects' Workshop. (
Over the last two days over 200 people have joined the group, including over 100 from Ukraine. Architects from all over Poland are publishing information about employment opportunities. Once again, we appeal for support for our colleagues from Ukraine who find themselves in this difficult situation.
Help can be provided in various ways, we encourage you to get involved!

Architects in Bucharest can donate what is needed for Ukrainians who have left their homes because of the war at a collection centre organised by the Romanian Order of Architects Bucharest Branch. The centre will operate at the OAR Bucharest House, on the ground floor of the Branch, 32, St. Constantine Street, Sector 1.
Facebook group UNITED FOR UKRAINE - Об'εднанi за Украiну - United for Ukraine, where announcements are posted for those who can help with food, transport, accommodation, voluntary work etc as well as requests for help from refugees.
To sign up as a volunteer, go to:
If you know people in Ukraine who need help, please let them know about this website:
Code4Romania has developed the platform, which provides detailed information to Ukrainian refugees or those who are in the process of leaving the country on the documents needed to enter Romania, moving between countries, applying for asylum, accommodation centres. platform -
those who want to help are invited to sign up to post the type(s) of help they can offer.
The Red Cross has launched a humanitarian appeal "Humanity has no borders". Donations can be made via the Romanian Red Cross website:

Slovakia Members of the Slovak Chamber of Architects express their support for the National Union of Architects of Ukraine as well as Ukrainian architects, and they are ready to help them in these exceptionally difficult times, including by offering temporary employment and work in Slovak architectural studios. SKA is currently working on the technicalities of a platform for a database of offers and opportunities and the collection of job requests.

Call number for the refugees from abroad: +386 1478 7530 and from Slovenia 080 41 42 ,

In Spain the Government has been coordinating a contingency plan for a few days to meet the needs of refugees who may arrive in Spain, which is being prepared in close coordination with the autonomous communities, local entities and the nearly 120,000 Ukrainians who already reside in Spain. Although I think there is no collection of contacts yet, some  contact links for refugees UNHCR SPAIN of course or CEAR which has just included a guide on asylum in Spain for people affected by the war in Ukraine  

Additional links:
#Host A Sister - Facebook Public Page

Specialist aid-agencies

Architectes de l'urgence

Architecture Sans Frontières International (ASF-Int)

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Read more about ACE action for Ukraine.

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