Roundtable: Professional Regulations and Competition


On 4 October, the ACE President Georg Pendl, Paula Huotelin (ACE Board Member) and Ian Pritchard (ACE Secretary General) participated to a roundtable on the impact of Professional regulations organised by the National Council of French Architects (CNOA).

Since 2013, the Commission has encouraged EU Member States to evaluate and reform the regulation of professional services and, on 15 June 2018, it published a Directive on Proportionality, asking Member States to justify the proportionality of each new measure (or modification of old rules) concerning professional services.

In this context, ACE commissioned to the University of Cologne a study on the analysis of the economic impact of different approaches to the regulation of the architectural sector in Member States. This study by Oliver Arentz, Professor at the European Center for the Professions of the University of Cologne, was the starting point for the CNOA Round Table.

Videos of the event are available on the CNOA website

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