Europe Day Manifesto


On 9 May 2020, on the occasion of Europe Day which this year marks the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration and the launch of the process of European integration, the members of the European Heritage Alliance have launched the Europe Day Manifesto ‘Cultural Heritage: a powerful catalyst for the future of Europe’. 

The Architects’ Council of Europe co-signed the Europe Day Manifesto which aims to convey a strong message of solidarity, hope and unity to Europe’s leaders and citizens at a time when Europe and the entire planet are struggling to overcome an unprecedented crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus.

Through this Manifesto, representatives of major European and international heritage networks including the Architects’ Council of Europe, which form part of the European Heritage Alliance express the readiness of the wider heritage world to contribute to Europe’s immediate social and economic recovery, as well as to the longer-term advancement of the European project. 

Read the Manifesto here.

Show your support!
The Europe Day Manifesto is now open for signatures by individuals and organisations. Show your support and help us unfold the cohesive power of cultural heritage for the Future of Europe!  The Manifesto will be translated into different languages and widely disseminated by all the members of the European Heritage Alliance. It will also be submitted to EU Ministers in charge of culture ahead of their Video-conference of 19 May 2020.

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About the European Heritage Alliance

This EUROPE DAY MANIFESTO is launched by members of the European Heritage Alliance, an informal platform bringing together 50 European and international networks active in the wider heritage field. The European Heritage Alliance members represent a very large constituency composed of tens of millions of Europe’s citizens.

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