Level(s) framework of indicators: Watch video interview with Dr. Kimpian, Chair of the ACE Sustainability WG


Judit Kimpian, Chair of the ACE Sustainability Work Group, was interviewed by the DG Environment of the European Commission about the Level(s) framework of indicators. Watch the video interviews on the Commission website

Level(s) is a voluntary framework of indicators for the assessment of the environmental performance of buildings, developed by the European Commission in close collaboration with stakeholders, including the Architects’ Council of Europe.

It enables users to move from simple through to more complex life cycle assessment calculation methods. Level(s) indicators cover: greenhouse gas emissions, resource efficient and circular material life cycles, efficient use of water resources, healthy and comfortable spaces, adaptation and resilience to climate change, and whole building life cycle cost and value.  

Level(s) is entering a testing phase: Professionals of the construction and buildings sector, including architects, are invited to test Level(s). The test period will last for two years and the EU Commission will provide technical support during this process.

Participants can test the complete framework, or only parts of it, at different stages during a building's life cycle. The feedback from test results will help improving LEVEL(S) ahead of its final release.

Visit the Commission's website to learn more about this initiative and register your interest in testing LEVEL(S).  

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