January 2023

  • Second Conference of Ministers of Culture on high-quality Baukultur Davos Baukultur Alliance "Common Good – Shared Responsibility"
  • ACE EB meeting, Brussels
  • SOAR final conference,Brussels

February 2023

  • Europaseminar der Bundesarchitektenkammer/ Berlin

March 2023

  • OA16th National Congress,Portugal
  • NEB Academy workshop, Genova, Switzerland
  • Arise Conference on Learning bites on green and digital skills for the built environment, Brussels
  • EB meeting, Brussels
  • Cultural Heritage Alliance Meeting, Brussels

Save the date!

28 March
Drive 0 webinar: Let's talk circular architecture
More info here.

20 April
The ACE and the European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE) have decided to seize the opportunity of the 2023 European Year of Skills to organise a conference that will aim to promote a mindset of reskilling and upskilling among the profession and explore innovative training and upskilling strategies.
The architectural profession plays a key role in achieving a high-quality built environment. It's of utmost importance to empower architects to face the challenges of our time and equip them with the necessary skills to contribute to the green and digital transitions, as well as innovation and competitiveness in the construction and buildings sectors.
This hybrid conference will take place on Thursday 20 April at the Faculté d’Architecture La Cambre Horta, Brussels.

This event is an activity co-funded by the Creative Europe programme.
More information here.


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