CELEBRATING NEB PRIZE 2024 Public Vote Winner- MAP4WATER Project at the NEB FESTIVAL SATELLITE EVENT ‘VUCKO THE ARCHITECT’, Sarajevo, 20 April 2024 ( ).

The satellite event program with contribution from the ACE President Ruth Schagemann is available here.

About the NEB Forum BiH

NEB Forum BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina) sees the New European Bauhaus initiative as a longer-term opportunity to re-evaluate local and regional spatial practices and policies. The Forum seeks to become a motivator and a potential vehicle to strengthen local, regional and international collaboration and thus contribute both to quality of built environment and processes of European integration.

WHO are we?
NEB Forum BiH is a knowledge exchange platform in the field of architectural and urban design, education, environment, heritage, and sustainability.

WHERE are we?
We connect virtual and physical space in Banja Luka, Mostar, Sarajevo and other centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

WHAT do we strive to?
Our mission is to provide an open and poly-centric platform for the exchange of knowledge and information among creative networks and individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina, interested to advance, engage and promote responsible and sustainable design in their local environment, as well as to network with like-minded regional and international networks.

HOW do we engage?
With our founding partners, individuals and networks from the region and beyond, the NEB Forum BiH community is working towards strengthening the profile, potential and capacity of the creative professions in the epi-centre of the Western Balkans region to further and implement the New European Bauhaus initiative:
• Promoting and monitoring the progress of the New European Bauhaus idea at the local/regional level;
• Mapping the local/regional partners and developing the NEB Forum BiH with partners from Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Mostar, including the Forum’s EU representation in Dublin (IE) and Amsterdam (NL);
• Organizing workshops and seminars related to the principles of the New European Bauhaus applied to local/regional situations;
 • Promoting bottom-up approach and civic engagement with local community;
• Identifying specific local challenges in greening and de-carbonizing the economy, including the former mining zones in central Bosnia;
• Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals seeking the paradigm shift in planning and caring for the cultural heritage and natural environment;
• Planning future networking events in partnership with the existing organizations such as Association of Architects of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Centre for Spatial Research Banja Luka, Green Design SEE Biennale Mostar, LIFT/Dani Arhitekture Sarajevo, and others;
• Identifying opportunities for a cross-disciplinary engagement with local authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
• Identifying funding for joint project initiatives, including participation in the EU funded projects.



Association of Architects of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Association of Architects of Bosnia and Herzegovina provides a democratic, voluntary and collaborative platform fostering friendship, intellectual, artistic, scientific and professional connections among architects in whole of the country and beyond. Guided by the ethical principles, it represents the profession at national level and internationally, advancing architecture as a vehicle for public and civic good.

Center for Spatial Research

Center for Spatial Research deals with the affirmation of sustainable spatial development, preservation and improvement of space through activities in the fields of architecture, urbanism, planning, environmental protection and civil sector development.

Days of Architecture (DA)
Days of Architecture (DA) is an annual architecture event held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 2008, DA has hosted more than 150 guest lecturers from 35 countries, growing into one of the most important architectural events in the Balkan region. Its track record of discussions, workshops, pilot projects, exhibitions, screenings has galvanized the local design community, and professional communities from the countries of Ex-Yugoslavia, connecting students, professionals and members of civic society. Since 2016, accompanying the DA, the Nights of Architecture festivals add a more dynamic, stand-alone series of online and live events which together energise the local community, providing a platform for new perspectives to what too often may be perceived as given and inevitable.

DocomomoBH is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the status of the
architectural and built heritage of the Modern Movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This
includes (although it is not limited to):
- documenting the buildings of the Modern Movement;
-  eliciting responsibility towards and highlighting the importance of modern architectural heritage across the architectural profession and beyond;
- collecting and preserving archival material related to the architecture of the Modern Movement;
- acting as a watchdog when important modern movement buildings are under threat.

Innovation, Design, Education, Architecture, Art        
IDEAA URBAN HOUSE MOSTAR is a cultural and educational hub aiming to create a strong cross-disciplinary link between professionals in the field of architecture, urbanism, education, art, literature, IT technology, science, sports, and, citizens, regardless of age, gender and life choices. This laboratory of ideas explores the important relationship between design, emotional states and real needs of society. It is a dynamic public space for exhibitions, programs and talks that explore the role of design in shaping the city and       society.      


Sarajevo Green Design Foundation
(SGDF) with Green Design Center (GDC) Mostar

SGDF aims at broadening the awareness related to the global environmental problems that affect every country and citizen in the world. It focuses on the role that creative industry can play in solving these challenges and necessity of closer collaboration between research, public authorities, creative and production industry. Considering the overwhelming size of the challenge related to the recourse use Sarajevo Green Design Foundation involves all scales of making from urban scale to product scale. International Festivals and Biennale with exhibitions, lectures, Scientific Conferences, Town hall Meetings and Workshops are organized on regular basis since 2009 followed by regular International Design Studios on European Universities. Inspiring projects initiated during last ten years and intense collaboration between SGDF and EU Research Centres, Urban Planners, Architects, Engineers as well as EU Horizon 2020 projects (about the future of (1) circular cities, (2) building as material banks and (3) reversible product design), resulted with establishment of Green Design Centre (GDC) for South East Europe in 2019. Green Design Centre transformed devastated former military site (in Mostar), from Austro-Hungarian period into a centre of creativity and innovation, using a historic structure as a springboard for new generation of green and circular building design. With construction of Green Design Centre in collaboration with City of Mostar, SGDF become multi-layered innovation Laboratory for Green Circular Cities that positions Sarajevo and Mostar as a regional centre for development and implementation of green circular design principals and technologies.

UAA! Association of anonymous artists
UAA! Association of anonymous artists is a non-profit association, whose main goal is to improve
alternative cultural and creative scene of Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, and Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. With special emphasis on the visual arts, comic art and design, we gather people who are engaged in various forms of creativity, organize events, lectures and workshops in the fields of culture, promoting education by comic / art / design art, imagination, organizing international exhibition of miniatures, etc. We are proud organizers of the Fusion Design Week, Popart market, International exhibition of miniature art and sculptures, Pecha kucha nights and Street Zine.

Green Building Council Bosnia and Herzegovina (GBC BiH)
The Green Building Council BiH (GBC BiH) is a non-governmental organization that serves as a
hub for motivated, educated, and skilled individuals working together to develop green projects for
the benefit of society in Bosnia and Herzegovina and wider region. Aligned with the European
Union's Green Agenda, GBC BiH focuses on bridging the gap between current practices and the
requirements for EU integration through research, policy development, and capacity building. It
promotes dialogue and action towards sustainable practices, aiming to position BiH as a model for
quality development in the building sector, rural development, the nonprofit sector, and small- to
medium-sized enterprises. Seeking to attract funding from national and international institutions and
donors, GBC BiH draws strength from its cross-disciplinary network of professionals from the fields
of law, economics, ecology, architecture, civil engineering, rural development, and agriculture, all of
whom have experience in leading and managing complex projects.

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