The ACE supports the national Union of Architects of Ukraine


"On behalf of the Architects' Council of Europe and the entire architectural European community, we would like to express to you our support for all Ukrainian architects in the face of the political situation in which Ukraine and its citizens find themselves.The Architects' Council of Europe finds it unacceptable that one country grants itself the sovereign right to shape the borders of another sovereign country. For years we have been developing international cooperation with partners from Eastern Europe and we want to strengthen it. We share a common history and past experiences, as well as the same challenges of the present and the future.
We believe that support for each other among architects in Europe is fundamental, both for the development of our organisations in times of peace and in the event that one of us is affected by a crisis.
We declare our support to the National Union of Architects of Ukraine and its members in this difficult time".
Ruth Schagemann, ACE President
Read the Statement here.

Special Task Force “European architects – to Ukraine”.
The ACE Executive Board had established a special task-force “European architects for Ukraine”.  Rūta Leitanaitė has been nominated as the group coordinator. Their mission? To find the most efficient ways of how European architects could help Ukraine, the Ukrainian architects, people and architecture today, and tomorrow, when it’s time to rebuild the country. 
Donation – ACE will provide 10 000 Euros for urgent help.

Any ideas, proposals or volunteers – please feel free to contact the task-force by e-mail: [email protected]

ACE shows solidarity with Ukraine. A message from ACE Women in Architecture work group.

Support- visibility to Special aid- agencies
ACE initiated a collective effort to support connecting and informing via his european network and will provide visibility for the work of specialist aid-agencies such as “Architectes de l’Urgence”, “architectes sans frontières”.

Jobs in Europe*
*Disclaimer: The Architects Council of Europe (ACE) « Jobs in Europe » and « Traineeship in Europe » webpages are based on ACE Member Organisations own lists and posted on the ACE website for the convenience of students and job seekers. ACE does not endorse or recommend employers, and a posting does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation. ACE explicitly makes no representations or guarantees about job listings or the accuracy of the information provided by the employer. ACE is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or any other aspect of employment without limitation. It is the responsibility of users to perform due diligence in researching employers when applying for or accepting private employment and to thoroughly research the facts and reputation of each organization to which they are applying. 

Support for students from Ukraine 
EAAE has decided to start a collective effort to support connecting Ukrainian students who seek an opportunity to continue their studies temporarily in a guest country and the member schools of EAAE who have the capacity to receive them.

UIA Statement
The UIA strongly condemns the invasion of a sovereign nation, Ukraine by Russia. Standing with 3.5 million architects from 115 countries, the UIA expresses solidarity with all those suffering from the conflict. The UIA joins their partners and members around the world in support of Ukraine.

EU solidarity with Ukraine


The EU and its international partners are united in condemning Putin's aggression on Ukraine. We will provide support to those seeking shelter and we will help those looking for a safe way home. The EU will continue to offer strong political, financial and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and impose hard-hitting sanctions against Russia and those complicit in the war. This information is also available in Ukrainian and Russian.

Specialist aid-agencies

Architectes de l'urgence

Architecture Sans Frontières International (ASF-Int)

Article 25

ACE Members Organisations take action to support Ukraine

Links - Please note that this webpage will be regularly updated.

If you want to share some solidarity calls/inititives, please send a email to ACE info(at)ace-cae(dot)eu title solidarity Ukraine.


The Belgian federal government’s crisis center has asked all Belgian localities the list of possible public and private hosts for Ukranian refugees on their territory. The compiled list does not yet exist, it will in a few days they have said.  So concerning immediate refugee shelters and aide, these are the contacts currently suggested by Belgian organisations, other than the Belgian UN Refugee Agency branch (UNHCR), of course: -

The Czech Chamber of Architects, in cooperation with the OnPlan design office, has launched the ‘Design with Us / ПРОЄКТУЙ З НАМИ’ initiative with the aim of involving refugees with education in architecture, construction, urban planning and other related fields in the work process.


Through the website, it is possible to offer work to your colleagues in the field of architecture, urban planning or construction, which was affected by the war in Ukraine. We receive as well requests from Ukrainian professionals and students who are willing to work remotely from Ukraine.


You can fill out the questionnaire and your company or institution can become a place for professional growth and a source of financial security for Ukrainians.


The websites:


Architectural firms can offer Ukrainian refugees work, internships or, for example, office space for architects, designers and others working in the creative industries via the National Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning's (NIAiU) database in Poland. Danske Arkitektvirksomheder is in dialogue with Akademisk Arkitektforening and FAOD to uncover the possibilities for how you as an architect and architectural firm can help. In addition, we follow the initiatives that are put in place by our international sister organizations via ACE and UIA. Need for work  Denmark has quickly come out with a desire to open the door for Ukrainian refugees with a special law that gives them a work permit. This will make it possible to help Ukrainian architects in employment.  We therefore recommend - like the Association of Architects - for the time being our members to use the database established by The National Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning (NIAiU) in Poland. This calls for work, telework, internships or, for example, office space for architects, designers and others who work in the creative industries. During the first weeks, they have received around 360 inquiries, from people who have either lost their jobs in Ukraine, fled to Poland or are traveling through Poland to move on to find work in other countries.

The Union of Architects and Designers, (Forbundet Arkitekter og Designere, FAOD) is a professional association in Denmark with special insight into the careers and working lives of academic architects and designers. As a special initiative in relation to architects and designers from Ukraine, they have decided to offer a membership for a symbolic amount of five Danish kroner a month (a little less than one Euro). 
As a member, you will be able to use all our membership offers, including an individual “New in Denmark meeting”, career coaching and a range of English-spoken events and curses.  See more about othis organisation here:  See vacancies for architects and designers here:  and


Help for victims of the war in Ukraine: website launched 
They are also looking for volunteers with knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian to join Safa’s network  
Ukrainian architects have been deprived of the opportunity to practice their profession in their native country, and a large number of unemployed colleagues have already fled to countries across Europe. While most flee to the neighbouring countries, there is also a constant flow of Ukrainians to Finland.  Would your office / workplace be willing to provide project-based work for an architect fleeing the war, or a remote job opportunity for a person residing in another country, an internship for an architecture student, or a remote workstation and tools?  The Association of Finnish Architects (ATL) and Safa have launched a webpage for information on jobs and offers of work space at  Five offices shave already registered with the service. You can also help by sharing information about help on your networks / social media channels! Would you like to serve as a support person?  Do you know Russian or Ukrainian, and would you be willing to act as a support person for colleagues coming to Finland from Ukraine? Assistance provided by a person speaking the same language is invaluable for someone entering a new culture. Such assistance may consist of interpreting or help with practical matters, such as housing and work.  Volunteers, please contact: pia.selroos(at)safa(dot)fi
#1hourforukraine campaign continues 
Have you already joined the #1hourforukraine campaign? The idea is simple: donate an amount equivalent to the hourly pay of each employee at your workplace to a charity that supports Ukraine.  We invite all our member firms and offices, partners and the entire property and construction sector to get involved. Thanks to Studio Puisto for launching the campaign!  CLICK HERE to see a list of charities.  Use the tag #1hourforukraine on social media and spread the challenge!  Click here to download an image compatible with your app for your campaign post. 

Below is the text form France (AMO) Ordre des Architects  
LET'S HELP OUR UKRAINIAN COLLEAGUES, LET'S WELCOME THEM IN OUR STRUCTURES!  War is knocking on our doors. The brutality of Russian aggression cannot leave us unmoved and we naturally stand by Ukraine and its heroic resistance. In addition to the damage on the ground, the shattered lives, and the nuclear threat, thousands of people are fleeing the fighting. More than 500,000 yesterday, and many more tomorrow.  A few months ago, the AMO Prize was exhibited abroad for the first time. In Ukraine, in fact. In the beautiful city of Lviv, its architecture festival welcomed us to discuss the issues of heritage and contemporary architecture.  Today, we invite you to welcome architects, artists, project owners, engineers, students, city actors, communicators, photographers, administrators... in your structures. Launched this weekend, this call for solidarity from the city's actors has already collected a number of contributions and job proposals for these Ukrainian refugees: thank you to the architects, planners, institutions, etc. who have already come forward.  We need to coordinate these steps, with complementary actions for travel and emergency accommodation in the first instance. But it is important for these people to be able to rebuild their lives, before rebuilding their country.  We suggest that you take part in this solidarity movement initiated by AMO and joined by AFEX, and send us your contact details, the type of potential job offered and we will try to make the link with the profiles received on the Ukrainian side. 
Contact: [email protected]

Job Ukraine in France

The CNOA is stepping up initiatives to help Ukrainian architects affected by the war. group

Other initiatives in France: Job offers/applications
In France, a group led by AFEX, Architectes Français à l'Export and the AMO Association has developed a platform to put Ukrainian professionals displaced from their country or in the process of being displaced in France in touch with French companies wishing to offer them a job. This database will be accessible to companies that have submitted a job offer.
Read more here:

What is probably needed are sleeping places for the refugees. Here we want to make our network available to the Ukrainian Association of Architects.This is coordinated by the Federal Chamber of Architects and the 16 chambers of architects in the federal states. Please feel free to send us or your state chamber an email to [email protected] if you can offer concrete help.   
Here you find a short overview in Ukrainian language on how to register as an architect in Germany.

Berlin has this platform:

Where it is also possible to apply for jobs:



Ingenieurkammer Baden-Württemberg
New platform "Stay with Ukraine - Engineers", Ukrainian civil engineers can find important and useful information on entering Germany, on professional recognition and on further training opportunities:
On the new job portal, job offers and job applications for the newcomers in Baden-Württemberg can be found:

Translated with (free version)


The CNAPPC is defining its own programme of actions and is at the disposal of all the provincial Orders to coordinate, support and share the initiatives that the Order system intends to promote in favour of those who in these weeks are victims of the atrocities of war and to implement actions to encourage a return to peace. The interventions will follow those outlined by the Council of Architects of Europe (CAE) - and shared by the CNAPPC - and in addition to immediate actions, such as offers of accommodation and direct assistance, intend to provide, among others, concrete solutions for Ukrainian colleagues from a professional point of view and for students in their study path. Read more here.
For any communication: [email protected]

In support of the community of Ukraine, the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) has set up a list of practices happy to take on Ukrainian #architects , Architectural Technologists and Graduates who are arriving in #Ireland to seek shelter from the war.  
If you have arrived in Ireland from Ukraine and are seeking employment with Irish architects, please contact the RIAI on info(at)riai(dot)ie with a brief description of your qualifications and experience and the type of role you are interested in.  If you are a practice who would like to employ Ukrainian Architects, Architectural Technologists or Graduates, please contact us via  info(at)riai(dot)ie .ie with a brief description of the positions you have available including the type of role, available hours, location and timeline for vacancy to be filled.   Citizens Information provides detailed information on supports available for people arriving from Ukraine outlining rights to live and work in Ireland under the Temporary Protection Directive, which might clarify questions you might have. Please contact them at  info(at)riai(dot)ie subject line, Ukrainian Architects / Architectural Technologist, if you wish to be part of this initiative.  For further information, visit


Official page for Ukrainians -
Official page for job offers -
Job offers for architects, designers:


The list of architectural offices in Lithuania offering jobs (being renewed constantly):

Architects Association of Lithuania has created in order to gather all the information and run a discussion regarding the help to Ukraine:

Besides other initiatives related with the help to Ukrainian architects, the society of Lithuanian architects (Architects Association of Lithuania, Architects Chamber of Lithuania and many architects) is sending a gift to Ukraine: a "drone-catcher" Sky-Wiper. The architects had donated the money for the equipment and it will be sent to Ukraine on Friday, 18th of March 2022. As this mission is complete (in terms of collecting the finances needed), AAL continues the request for donations for the equipment requested by the Ukrainian Union of Architects: medicine, protective clothes and equipment, other military, non-harming equipment.


Together with Sabina Grincevičiutė we created an online document “Ukrainian architects looking for a job in Lithuania” and are filling in all the applicants that contacted Processoffice and DO Architects in search for the job. The volumes are really large and in an attempt to help everyone somehow, we invite you to use this document for other offices and studios that may offer work to architects, interior designers and others in the field. Job seekers include both freelancers and those seeking smaller and larger offices to collaborate. We invite you to share the link with Ukrainians who apply to other offices so that they can fill in their details. We will also share this document and invite you to share it with private clients. Most people look for a job at a distance, so it is possible to share not only with Lithuanian offices and clients.


Разом із Sabina Grincevičiutė ми створили онлайн-документ «Українські архітектори шукають роботу в Литві» та заповнюємо всіх кандидатів, які звернулися до Processoffice та DO Architects у пошуках роботи. Обсяги дійсно великі, і, намагаючись якось допомогти кожному, ми запрошуємо вас використовувати цей документ для інших офісів і студій, які можуть запропонувати роботу архітекторам, дизайнерам інтер’єрів та іншим у цій галузі. Серед тих, хто шукає роботу, є як фрілансери, так і ті, хто шукає менші та більші офіси для співпраці. Запрошуємо поділитися посиланням з українцями, які звертаються до інших офісів, щоб вони могли заповнити свої дані. Ми також поділимося цим документом і запросимо вас поділитися ним із приватними клієнтами. Більшість людей шукають роботу на відстані, тому можна поділитися не лише з литовськими офісами та клієнтами.

Слава Україні!

#supportUkraine #slavaukraina #architectshelp #share



Par la présente, nous vous informons que dans le module « emploi » du site, des catégories ont été mises en place pour les bureaux membres de l’OAI cherchant spécifiquement à embaucher des ressortissants ukrainiens.


Vous pouvez bien-entendu diffuser cette information aux personnes concernées qui seraient en recherche d’emploi au Luxembourg.


The National Union of Ukrainian Architects, as well as facebook groups of Ukrainian architects inform about our support in finding a job in Poland, which we initiated on the group PRACA DLA ARCHITEKTA / Architects' Workshop. (
Over the last two days over 200 people have joined the group, including over 100 from Ukraine. Architects from all over Poland are publishing information about employment opportunities. Once again, we appeal for support for our colleagues from Ukraine who find themselves in this difficult situation.
Help can be provided in various ways, we encourage you to get involved!

Continuing architectural education for Ukrainian citizens -
In order to help people who came to Poland and stopped their studies because of the war, the National Council of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland asked the deans of the departments of architecture in Poland to consider the possibility of continuing education, free of charge to people who were forced to stop this science and arrive in Poland. They are pleased to accept the responses of the respondents to this appeal, which reach the KIA office, regarding the possibility of allowing these people to continue their studies, the abolition of tuition fees, as well as the free sharing of accommodation in student housing. The National Council thanks all universities for their confirmed willingness to cooperate and assist.
The responses of the universities teaching architecture are available here:,1348/?fbclid=IwAR2qhDj5BMGMLvoNitcRD9hDxFO4oxEvm4WrnlGy3fBtJH6oBxSKKfRxUZo

In strong support of Ukrainian citizens

Architects in Bucharest can donate what is needed for Ukrainians who have left their homes because of the war at a collection centre organised by the Romanian Order of Architects Bucharest Branch. The centre will operate at the OAR Bucharest House, on the ground floor of the Branch, 32, St. Constantine Street, Sector 1.
Facebook group UNITED FOR UKRAINE - Об'εднанi за Украiну - United for Ukraine, where announcements are posted for those who can help with food, transport, accommodation, voluntary work etc as well as requests for help from refugees.
To sign up as a volunteer, go to:
If you know people in Ukraine who need help, please let them know about this website:
Code4Romania has developed the platform, which provides detailed information to Ukrainian refugees or those who are in the process of leaving the country on the documents needed to enter Romania, moving between countries, applying for asylum, accommodation centres. platform -
those who want to help are invited to sign up to post the type(s) of help they can offer.
The Red Cross has launched a humanitarian appeal "Humanity has no borders". Donations can be made via the Romanian Red Cross website:

Call for a network for experts, citizens, architects for the rebuilding of Ukraine

OAR is pleased to support the initiative of a Romanian architectural practice (TransForm), who created a simple on-line form that can be easily distributed and viewed, and hope this may be of interest to you and other member organizations.  Acting swiftly, as one has to in times like this, they have used the online collaboration system Smartsheet ( ) that they currently employ in their office and google translate to create a shareable online form for Ukraininan architects with publicly viewable results
Upon the OAR's suggestion, the next step was to create a similar form for offices in Romania that have open positions for UA architects and designers with the results on display here

Slovakia Members of the Slovak Chamber of Architects express their support for the National Union of Architects of Ukraine as well as Ukrainian architects, and they are ready to help them in these exceptionally difficult times, including by offering temporary employment and work in Slovak architectural studios. SKA is currently working on the technicalities of a platform for a database of offers and opportunities and the collection of job requests. Info.

The Slovak Chamber of Architects condemns the military aggression against its close neighbour Ukraine and joins the movement of solidarity with its inhabitants.  Slovak architects condemn the attack on Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity, which brings death to its inhabitants and destruction to Ukrainian cities, cultural heritage, and landscape.  Members of the Slovak Chamber of Architects express their support for the National Union of Architects of Ukraine as well as Ukrainian architects, and they are ready to help them in these exceptionally difficult times, including by offering temporary employment and work in Slovak architectural studios.  At the Slovak Chamber of Architects, we have created a platform for a database of job opportunities as well as job applications  AA pre Ukrajinu / Архітектори для України Slovenská komora architektov odmieta vojenskú agresiu voči svojmu blízkemu susedovi, Ukrajine, a pripája sa k hnutiu solidarity s jej obyvateľmi.  Slovenské architektky a architekti odsudzujú útok na nezávislosť a územnú celistvosť Ukrajiny, pri ktorej zomierajú jej obyvateľky a obyvatelia a dochádza k ničeniu ukrajinských miest, kultúrneho dedičstva a krajiny.  Členky a členovia Slovenskej komory architektov vyjadrujú svoju podporu Národnej únii architektov Ukrajiny a ukrajinským architektkám a architektom a sú pripravení im pomôcť v týchto mimoriadne ťažkých časoch, vrátane ponuky prechodného zamestnania a práce v architektonických ateliéroch na Slovensku.  Na SKA sme vytvorili platformu pre databázu pracovných príležitostí, ako aj žiadostí o pracovné miesta.  Ponúkam prácu ukrajinským architektkám a architektom / Job Offer for Ukrainian Architects  Databáza ukrajinských architektiek a architektov / Database of Ukrainian Architects  Словацька колегія архітекторів засуджує військову агресію проти сусідньої України та доєднується до руху солідарності з її мешканцями.  Словацькі архітектори засуджують напад на незалежність України та цілісність її територій, який несе смерть жителям та руйнування українських міст, культурної спадщини, ландшафту.  Члени Словацької колегії архітекторів висловлюють свою підтримку Національній спілці архітекторів України, а також українським архітекторам, і готові допомогти їм у ці надзвичайно важкі часи, у тому числі запропонуючи тимчасове працевлаштування і роботу в словацьких архітектурних майстернях.  У Словацькій палаті архітекторів ми створили платформу для бази даних можливостей працевлаштування, а також заявок на роботу.  База вакансій для українських архітекторів / Database of jobs for Ukrainian architects  Шукаю роботу в архітектурному офісі / Looking for a job in an architectural office   - Інформація для українців, що прибувають у Словаччину: - Informácie pre Ukrajinky a Ukrajincov prichádzajúcich na Slovensko: - Information for Ukrainians arriving in Slovakia:  Za vypracovanie vzorových formulárov ďakujeme (thanks for the Application Forms): Narodowy Instytut Architekturi i Urbanistyki

Call number for the refugees from abroad: +386 1478 7530 and from Slovenia 080 41 42 ,  Email:[email protected]

In Spain the Government has been coordinating a contingency plan for a few days to meet the needs of refugees who may arrive in Spain, which is being prepared in close coordination with the autonomous communities, local entities and the nearly 120,000 Ukrainians who already reside in Spain. Although I think there is no collection of contacts yet, some  contact links for refugees UNHCR SPAIN of course or CEAR which has just included a guide on asylum in Spain for people affected by the war in Ukraine


Architects Sweden raise their voice against Putin’s war at manifestations every Wednesday at 12.30 in
front of the Russian Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. On Wednesday April 6 our President Emina Kovacic contributed with a speech against the war. Kovacic expressed that the community of architects in Sweden is deeply concerned about the destruction of the cities of Ukraine and the targeting of cultural heritage sites and civilian buildings.In response to President Zelenskyj’s call for support from Sweden and particularly architects in Sweden on March 25 she addresses the trust embodied in architecture and the need to build hope for the future by planning for a reconstruction.

Architects Sweden is supporting fund raising by UNHCR for Ukraine. In relation to the yearly Architecture Award Ceremony Arkitekturgalan we endorse a targeted support for the reception of students of architecture at the Academy of Arts in Vilnius. The program for architecture is at the frontier with Ukraine and help many students. They can help more if they receive donations for accommodations and temporary scholarships.

The National Board of Antiquities is organizing rescue operations of archives in Ukraine and are open to include architecture drawing archives with the Swedish architecture and design archive ArkDes –Sweden’s National Centre for Architecture and Design. Through the international aid organization Union-to-Union Architects Sweden has a potential presence in Ukraine to support the National Union of Architects of Ukraine. Among the refugees there will also be architects. In the short term we are planning to organize workshops on the modern cultural heritage and the future reconstruction of cities affected by war in Ukraine in cooperation with Arkdes and local art galleries. This will act as a venue for Ukrainian architects to meet Swedish architects for a constructive professional dialogue on the situation in Ukraine.

Swedish Architects offer a temporary membership for qualified architects from Ukraine on a tentative assessment of diplomas and is engaging in practical worklife introduction programs for architects with a foreign education. Read more here: Ukrainakrisen – så kan vi stötta och hjälpa - Sveriges Arkitekter

RIBA published a crisis response hub to share the latest guidance for Ukrainian architects and students, advice for UK practices wanting to provide assistance, and updates on the actions we’re taking at RIBA.

In RIBA’s latest guidance to the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis, the institution announced it would use the RIBA Jobs platform to match refugees with employment opportunities in the UK, requiring practices hiring displaced architects to also offer free accommodation for a 6-month period. RIBA advises Ukrainian architects or students to contact the National Union of Architects of Ukraine that in turn is receiving support from the Architects Council of Europe, which will help them connect to architectural organizations across Europe.

Solidarity from Architectural Practices in Europe

Please note that this webpage will be regularly updated.

If you want to share some solidarity calls/initiatives, please send a email to ACE info(at)ace-cae(dot)eu title solidarity Ukraine.

The Hire for Ukraine initiative provides a platform for connecting architects and other creatives to potential employers. Similarly, the Polish National Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning (NIAiU) has built a database of people and businesses working in the creative industry who can offer employment for Ukrainian architects. UK Architects for Ukraine is a form created by UK architects to match Ukrainian nationals displaced by the war in Ukraine with sponsors and in-person work at UK architecture practices

Message from Linda Näslund - Arkitekt SAR MSA  - Sweden
"Dear all,  We would like to do what we can to contribute to your support for the National Union of Architects of Ukraine.  We can make room for 2 architects in our small architecture studio in Stockholm, in order for them to uphold their work from here. If needed we can also provide somewhere for them to stay".
Contact :  Linda Näslund  Arkitekt SAR MSA  [email protected]  Instagram @naslundarkitektur

Message from Gabi Kaltenyte:
I am a lecturer at a university in Copenhagen, Denmark, teaching Architecture and BIM courses. I specialize in teaching Revit, and would like to offer free training to Ukrainians fleeing Ukraine that maybe need to learn Revit in order to get a wider variaty of jobs in Europe, but still in their field. 

I know more people that would be interested in giving free courses, so a lot could be organized. 

Contact: Gabi Kaltenyte <[email protected]>


Message form Eric Sturm:

On my architecture platform „“ I put up a job board where german architecture and civil engineering firms can put up job offers (for free) that are suitable for ukrainian architects in Germany.

Form for Ukrainian job seekers in Germany:


Message from Eva Faltusova

We are currently working on database/website  connecting Czech architects and engineers with architects coming from Ukraine in order to secure them employment. We are already searching for a temporary employee who would be in charge of the agenda as well as preparing basic information for the the employers. Future plans include providing education/information about local professional conditions (legal framework etc.)


We would like to take part in posible information exchange.





právní oddělení
T +420 273 167 481
M +420 777 191239

Josefská 34/6
118 00 Praha 1
datová schránka: x6gaeud


Message from Andriy Asanov

We are a studio of architecture and design located in Lviv, Ukraine. We have been working in the field of architecture and interior design of different kinds of projects from private homes to commercial and business centers. Due to the war in our country all building processes here are almost stopped and we are looking forward to possible collaboration.

Our company stays in Ukraine and we have opportunities to make complete architectural and interior design projects of all categories and any kinds of difficulties.

Here is our portfolio and some information about us:

If you are interested in any way of working with us you can contact us:

+380976659760 (Yurko Nazaruk)

Waiting for your response,

Regards, Andriy Asanov


тел. 067- 676-60-90

тел. 093- 676-60-90


Message from Päivi Virtanen

Are you a student or a professional, working in the field of architecture and fleeing the war in Ukraine? Are you looking to work and relocate in Finland even on a temporary basis? We have collected a network of Russian- and / or Ukrainian-speaking colleagues. We also publish contact info and details of Finland-based architects’ and planning offices who are willing to offer work-related help for architects and students in need of help due to the war in Ukraine.

➡️ Please see for further information.

Ви студент або вже працюєте в архітектурній сфері, та рятуєтесь від війни в Україні? Плануєте переїзд до Фінляндії та шукаєте роботу, постійну чи тимчасову?
Ми зібрали мережу російськомовних та україномовних колег. Якщо вам потрібен перекладач, помічник для вирішення нагальних питань або просто підтримка колег, звертайтесь: [email protected]

Вы студент или уже работаете в сфере архитектуры, и спасаетесь от войны в Украине? Вы планируете переезд в Финляндию и ищите работу, постоянную или временную? 

Мы собрали сеть русскоязычных и украиноязычных коллег. Если вам нужен переводчик, помощник для решения бытовых вопросов или просто поддержка коллег, обращайтесь: [email protected]


Best regards,



Message from Małgorzata, INTERsoft, Łodź, Poland 

Małgorzata, INTERsoft, Łodź, Poland represent a company from Poland that mkes and sell software for architecture and construction ( They are currently looking for an engineer from Ukraine. Please Małgorzata, INTERsoft, Łodź, Poland


Yashar Architects, one of Israel's leading architectural firms, would like to support Ukrainian architects by offering jobs in our office.


At Yashar Architects, we work in a professional and creative environment to deliver innovative design solutions, while using the most up-to-date technological advancements.

Our projects vary in scale and type from large scale urban planning to interior design, with programs that range from retail, commercial, residential, offices, and hotels.


We would love you to join us and be a part of our team, working remotely or in our offices in Tel Aviv.


For further details and job application please contact[email protected] , [email protected]


 UArch Initiative (based in Germany) connect displaced architects and designers from Ukraine with freelance work projects - and we are constantly looking for new assignments. 
Our coordinators in Germany overtake all necessary project details such as communication, briefing, payment etc - so our ukrainian freelancers are usually available even on a short notice.Our focus is overtaking small and big tasks to help our clients offset their workload while also reducing their labour costs due to lower hourly rates in Ukraine.
Some examples of tasks we can help with:
- CAD Drawings, Digitalization of older plans
- Exterior/ Interior Vizualisations, Renderings, Collages, Handsketches
- AR & VR for Architecture and Design
- 3D Modeling, also for 3D printing
- and others


We are interior & landscape design team from Ukraine and we had to move currently to EU due to the unfortunate war situation in our country, which caused stop in all our projects.


Due to this situation we ask you for help in finding any job or projects for us in this complicated period.


We can offer the whole complex of interior & landscape design services:


  1. Creation of layout solutions and general plans (Archicad/Autocad/Revit)
  2. Photorealistic visualizations (3ds Max, Corona, V-Ray, Sketchup, Realtime Landscape Architect, Lumion, TwinMotion)
  3. Project drawings and working documentation (Archicad/Autocad/Revit)
  4. Specifications and expenses estimates (MS Office, PDF)
  5. Project realization supervision


Additionally we work in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator graphic editors; Premiere PRO, Vegas, and others for video clips creation.


Our website:

Behance portfolio: Inside Out on Behance




We are ready to perform small and easy tasks, as well, as big and complex, depending on the needs.

Could you, please, advice us any companies, that would be interested in cooperation or any sources of orders or job in EU in our professional area?


We will be very thankful for any kind of help with getting any orders or helping any company in their tasks on interior and landscape design services.


Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ievgeniia Zaitseva





Interior&Landscape design


Telegram: +38 093 253 27 47

WhatsUp: +38 093 253 27 47

Tel: +49 176 296 95 404


Ievgeniia Zaitseva


We are a team of architects and designers from Ukraine
Before the war, we designed office buildings and also had our own production of office furniture, which made furniture
Due to the war, we were forced to close production, because an enemy missile came nearby
We really want to renew our work and give our teams the opportunity to work, so we are looking for colleagues and partners in Europe, America
Can we be useful to you

According to the link of our works,


Additional links: We care, We share

#Host A Sister - Facebook Public Page @hostasister
[email protected]

European Organisations

Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO)

Since the onset of the war in Ukraine, the Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) is monitoring and collecting support initiatives and offers for Ukraine on a new webpage. Museums across Europe have been quick in organising different support actions to help their Ukrainian museum colleagues and everyone else in need of aid. On the new webpage, NEMO is continuously collecting and publishing new initiatives relating to:

  • Storage and Housing
  • Donations
  • Education and Exhibitions
  • Statements issued by European museum organisations

Please share the page with affected people, especially Ukrainian museums and museum professionals. If you want to contribute an offer to the webpage, please send your initiative (including location and description in English) to weber(at)ne-mo(dot)org.

Culture Action Europe #StandswithUkraine 
We condemn the unprecedented aggression that the Russian military is conducting in Ukraine. We at Culture Action Europe express support to and stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, our colleagues and peers in the country, as well as those, including in Russia who are opposing the criminal actions of the Kremlin.  We call on our community to demand an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and show support for  those in need.   Together with our members, we are collecting resources available for Ukrainian artists, cultural workers, students who had to flee Ukraine. The resource page is updated regularly, we invite you to add to it, and share widely.

Aalto University offers study rights without fees and with scholarships to Ukraine’s university students Support for at least 40 Ukrainian students and students who have received asylum from Ukraine




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