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The Executive Board of the Architects’ Council of Europe consists of 11 members, six of whom are elected and five of whom are nominated on a rotational basis, in accordance with the rotation of the Presidency of the EU. Among the six elected members is the President of the ACE who chairs meetings of the General Assembly and of the Executive Board and who acts independently of all national concerns. All Board Members serve a two-year term.

The Executive Board manages and administers the day-to-day affairs of the ACE and pursues the policies set out by the General Assembly.


Luciano LAZZARI – President

Luciano Lazzari - ACE President

Born in Trieste, Italy and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, where he began his studies in architecture at UCT. He moved to London in 1972 and qualified at the Polytechnic of Central London, taking the RIBA Part III exam in 1977. After working in London, he moved back to Trieste and set up a joint architectural office in partnership with Paolo Zelco in 1981.  The office has carried out a lot of residential development and health care buildings and more recently the office has become involved in urban renewal. From the year 2000 to 2009, he served as President of the Chamber of Architects for the province of Trieste and Co-ordinator for the 13 provinces of the northeast. For his work in promoting relations between the national architectural Chambers, he was awarded honorary membership of the Croatian Architects’ Chamber. Vice president of the Architects’ Council of Europe in the years 2007-2008, L. Lazzari has been Head of Delegation to ACE for the CNAPPC until his election to the Presidency in December 2013. He collaborates as teacher and external examiner with the Universities of Trieste, Syracuse (Florence), Westminster (London). For three years he also held a master studio program at the University of Graz (Austria). From 2005 till today, he has been a jury member for various national and international competitions and is a member of the Scientific Committee for the UIA 2014 Congress in Durban.

Dubravko BACIC

Dubravko BACIC

Dubravko Bačić (Dubrovnik, Croatia) was educated at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Architecture (Dipl.-Ing.Arch.), and Harvard University Graduate School of Design (MDesS). He is a registered architect, currently practicing as a sole practitioner and teaching at the University of Zagreb. In addition to design work, his professional experience includes heritage conservation and consultancy projects. D. Bačić participated in many design workshops, seminars, exhibitions and conferences, and has served as a member of several committees, boards and juries in Croatia. He frequently publishes articles and essays in architectural journals and magazines. In addition to his academic and professional experience, D. Bačić has been active in various professional associations in Croatia, most notably the Croatian Architects' Association and the Croatian Chamber of Architects. Since 2011, he has been on the International Relations Board of the Croatian Chamber of Architects, closely following the ACE activities in Area 1 – Access to the Profession (education, PQD issues, accreditation and validation, registration and licensing and CPD). He has been elected to the ACE Executive Board for the 2014-15 term, in charge of the Schools program.


Richard Brindley is an RIBA chartered architect with additional qualifications, training and experience in business and project management across the UK, EU and international construction industry.  He has 25+ years experience in architectural practice, specialising in residential design and urban regeneration, and 12+ years experience as Executive Director of the Royal Institute of British Architects. He now leads ‘R Brindley Consult Ltd’, an independent consultancy company providing strategic management advice to the UK and International construction and property industries. Richard also has extensive experience at senior non-executive and trustee levels, in variety of professional, government and community bodies.  He is currently a Course Director of post-graduate Professional Studies at the Bartlett School of Architecture (University College London), Trustee of the Architects Benevolent Fund, Upper Warden of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects. He was elected to the ACE Executive Board in January 2016 and focuses on Regulatory Questions and issues for the ACE.

Richard has a life-long commitment and career devoted to promoting the value and capability of the architects’ profession and its services to clients, users and society, both in the UK and internationally.  He is an enthusiastic public spokesperson and ambassador actively involved in developing excellence in the architects’ profession and the wider construction industry.

Lionel DUNET

Lionel DUNET

L. Dunet is graduate from the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in 1977 and from the University of Paris in urbanism in 1978. Associate Architect from 1981 to 1999, he founded his own agency in 2000 and a second in 2011 whose activity extend throughout western France. L. Dunet won five times the Britain Architectural Award. He was elevated to the rank of Officer of Arts and letter in 2006 by the French Minister of Culture. In 2004 he founded the French National Network “Houses of architecture” which brings together associations disseminating architectural culture. In 2000, he is elected to the French Chamber (CNOA). He is President of the CNOA from 2007 to 2010. Since January 2009, he is a member of the ACE Executive Board, successively in charge of coordinating the Architecture and Quality of Life Area and then the Communication work group. L. Dunet is a member of the Board of the ART ROCK music festival that annually brings together 60,000 people in Britain. He is also a member of the association COBATY and President of QUALIBAT Bretagne, a certification body for the quality of construction enterprises.  


Paula Huotelin graduated 1984 from Oulu University in Finland. After graduation she worked in architectural practices in Oulu and Helsinki. She was a partner in architectural office Huotelin & Kärkkäinen 1985-2003. In 1995 she started as Competition Secretary responsible for Architectural Competitions in the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA). Since 2007 she has been the Secretary General of SAFA. Her scope of activities in SAFA includes wide range of professional matters: access to the profession, practice of the profession and responsible architecture. Following the European Policy and legislative matters affecting the architectural profession gives a good basis also for ACE activities. She has had commissions of trust as a board member of several foundations as well as member of juries and committees. She has been awarded by grants as well as prizes in  Architectural Competitions. Since 1997 she has been active in ACE starting as a member of WG Architectural Competitions, later a joint WG with Public Procurement. 

She was elected in ACE board 2004-2005 and since 2007 a member of Finance Committee. Paula Huotelin is currently serving her second term in the board, in this period as a Vice-President and Treasurer. Previous roles in ACE includes vice-chair Thematic Area 2.

Lars Jarle NORE

Lars Jarle Nore graduated as civil architect  in 1988 from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. He has worked in Ramboll since 1989, becoming Head of Architecture and Planning office in Ramboll, Bergen. Since 2009 he hold the position of Senior Architect and Marketing Director for Architecture and planning Division in Ramboll and work as design manager and architect on projects. L.J. Nore is now managing the project team that won the contract on functional programme and workspace development for the rebuilding of the Government Quarter in Oslo. He primarily works in projects in strategic, preparation brief and concept design stages related to real estate development, feasibility studies, schools, offices and workspace development, user processes and building programming. He is holding lectures and is a registered examiner at NTNU within building programming, building functions and user processes. He has been a jury member and jury secretary for various plan and design competitions. L.J. Nore has a number of positions in the Norwegian building industry organizations. He is the Chairman of the Executive board of Norwegian Association of Consulting Architects and a council member of the Approval Committee in RIF – Norwegian Association of Consulting Engineers and meets in committees in Standards Norway (ISO/CEN). He is member of the ACE Executive Board for 2015-2018.


Eugen Pănescu is architect and city planner from Cluj, Romania. In the last 12 years his office Planwerk has worked with Transilvania’s cities and national authorities, contributing to generate city-scale urban regulations, focus areas masterplans, urban development concepts, guidelines, public space strategies and implemented projects for requalification of public spaces, as well as retrofitting historical buildings. In 2012 he acted as consultant to The World Bank for the renewal of the Romanian planning system. In his work, E. Pănescu is looking for connections of architecture and planning to economical and social development, design, culture, public governance and civic action. His ideas concern finding positive answers to urban issues in a cross-cultural cooperation, with focus on public space, urban environment and social awareness. He actively promotes these values by planning media coverage campaigns to reach the great public and performing as guest teacher at the Technical University of Cluj Napoca for the Urban Design Studio. Since 2008 he is active in international professional cooperations as member of the Architects Council of Europe, in the Urban Issues working group. E. Pănescu is member of the ACE Executive Board for 2015-2018.


*innsbruck, tirol, graduated dipl.-ing. From university innsbruck

Own office since 1986, pendlarchitects since 2004. Main field of work: social housing, private housing, renovation and reuse, industrial and commercial buildings, workshops, passive house standard. Several winning entries and prices in architectural competitions, publications in several magazines, jury work in national and international competitions. Participated exhibitions in New York, Venice (biennale), Vienna, Innsbruck. Volunteering activities: board member of tyrolean architectural institute (AUT) since 1996, chair of architects in tyrolean chamber 1998-2006, chair of architects in federal chamber of Austria 2000-06 and since 2014, president of the federal chamber of architects and engineers 2006-14, moderator and speaker of the european forum of architectural policy in vienna may 2006 member executive board of ace (architects council of Europe) 2004-5, 2007-8, 2010-11, 2015-

leisure: backcountry skiing, mountain biking, vienna city marathon 2001+02


Pedro Belo RAVARA

In 1988 he worked at Manuel Graça Dias and João Luís Carrilho da Graça architectural offices in Lisbon.  From 1988 to 1991 he worked under the guidance of Manuel Vicente at his Macao office.  From 1991 and 1993 lived in the United States and pursued his Master of Architecture degree.  He started his own practice in Lisbon in 1993 in partnership with Nuno Vidigal, and has built work in Lisbon, Cascais, Évora, Sesimbra, Cartaxo and Macao (as designer of MV office).  Has been honoured in various national and international open competitions, namely for the 2002 national Swiss Exposition.  His work has been largely published in various national and international magazines and books.  He has also contributed to various national and international periodicals.  In 2009 with the design project for a School in Mozambique (Africa), he represented Portugal at the São Paulo Biennial Expo, Brazil.

He taught at the Design Institute of Lisbon and currently teaches at the SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE / TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF LISBON as Professor Auxiliar (tenure track position).  From 1998 to 2009 he has been visiting professor at the COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN / University of Minnesota, for its abroad program – PORT CITIES, and for two years he organized and was the local tutor for the Carleton Azrielli School of Architecture abroad program in Lisbon (2006 and 2007).  He has published and presented at various conferences on architecture, urbanism and in other scientific conferences.  He was the editor of two books: (1) Study Trip to Le Corbusier and (2) Study Trip to Mediterranean Architecture in Andaluzia, both published with other faculty and students from the School of Architecture of Lisbon, and wrote a theory/history book on the Industrial Buildings on Reinforced Concrete on the first and second industrial revolution.

Pedro Belo Ravara is currently Vice President of the National Board of the Portuguese Chamber of Architects (OA), for the triennium of 2014/2016, has been member of the Executive Board of the same Order (2011/2013) and from 2012 is being representing the OA in the Architects Council of Europe.  From January 2016, he is an elected member of the Executive Board of the Architects Council of Europe, being since then the coordinator for the Responsible Architecture thematic area III for the same Council.  He is also a member of the National Council for Environment and Sustainable Development in Portugal.





Emil Yordanov graduated architecture from the University of Architecture, Civil engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) in Sofia in 1989. In 1994 he was accepted an assistant-professor in the Department “History and theory of architecture” of the University. He possesses a Master degree in Preservation of cultural heritage, and has almost constantly worked after his graduation in this field of practice, science and study – as a designer, supervisor, consultant, researcher, teacher and tutor of study courses. Besides, he holds his own architectural agency, producing realizations in the spheres of public, residential constructions, heritage conservation and urbanism. E. Yordanov is dealing with the foreign activities of the Union of architects in Bulgaria (UAB) since 2010. In 2014 he is elected a member of the Executive board of UAB, and in 2015 – an official representative of the Union in ACE. Occupying this position, so as responding to his personal and academic commitments, he maintains permanent international contacts with universities and professional organizations. For his work and projects, he’s been awarded with some national and foreign prizes and honors.

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