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The Executive Board of the Architects’ Council of Europe consists of 11 members, six of whom are elected and five of whom are nominated on a rotational basis, in accordance with the rotation of the Presidency of the EU. Among the six elected members is the President of the ACE who chairs meetings of the General Assembly and of the Executive Board and who acts independently of all national concerns. All Board Members serve a two-year term.

The Executive Board manages and administers the day-to-day affairs of the ACE and pursues the policies set out by the General Assembly.

The Executive Board for 2020-2021:

Georg Pendl (Austria)/ President

Fulgencio AVILES INGLES (Spain)
Carl BACKSTRAND (Sweden)
Borysław CZARAKCZIEW (Poland)
Selma HARRINGTON (Ireland)
Ferenc MAKOVENYI (Hungary)
Pavel MARTINEK (Czech Republic)
Eugen PANESCU (Romania)
Ruth SCHAGEMANN (Germany)
Jacques TIMMERMAN (Belgium)
Diego ZOPPI (Italy)


georg pendl - President

*innsbruck, tirol, graduated dipl.-ing. from university Innsbruck  private office since 1986, CEO of pendlarchitects since 2004 (www.pendlarchitects.eu)   Main field of work: social housing, private housing, renovation and reuse, industrial and commercial buildings, workshops, passive house standard. 

Several winning entries and prices in architectural competitions, publications in several magazines, jury work in national and international competitions. Participation at exhibitions in New York (architectural league), Venice (biennale), Vienna, Innsbruck. 
Volunteering activities: board member of tyrolean architectural institute (AUT) (https://aut.cc)  since 1996, president of architects in tyrolean chamber 1998-2006, president of architects in federal chamber of Austria 2000-06 and 2014-17,  president of the federal chamber of architects and engineers 2006-14  moderator and speaker of the european forum of architectural policy in vienna 2006 speaker of the European conference of architectural policies in Tallin 2017 and vienna 2018 moderator in the conference ´architecture for the common good´, Helsinki 2019  member executive board of ACE (architects council of Europe) 2004/5, 2007/8, 2010/11, 15-17 president of ACE since 2018 (www.ace-cae.eu)  hon AIA 2019  member of expert group on cultural heritage of the European commission.       

leisure: backcountry skiing, mountain biking, vienna city marathon 2001+02



Born in Cartagena, Spain. Architect title: Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM), Universidad Politécnica, Specialties: Planning and Building. July 24th, 1979. PhD in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Department of Building Structures (ETSAM). March 21st, 2014. Own practice since 1979, he has developed various types of building: residential, educational, research center, shopping malls and heritage rehabilitation. Awards in Architecture: two first prizes for University buildings in Murcia (Spain). Architecture Regional Prize for Antigones Quarter rehabilitation in the XIV edition, 2007. Prize in the VII edition of Quality Awards in Building, Other Uses, as Designer and Work Director of “Palacio Viuda de Molina ”rehabilitation" , Cartagena (Murcia, Spain), 2017. ASEMAS, Spanish Mutual Insurance Company for Architects, President and member of the Board of Directors : July 7th, 1999 - present. President of GEAAC (Groupement Europeen pour l'Assurance d´Architectes et des Concepteurs) 2011-2017, based in Paris. EUROMA, S.A. Member of the Board of Directors: 2001 - present.

Visiting Professor in Architecture Schools: ETSAM, CEU Madrid, Pompeu Fabra Barcelona, Alicante, Coruña, Málaga, Cartagena….. Professor of Legal Architecture in Escuela de Arquitectura e Ingeniería de Edificación UCAM, Murcia (Spain). He has lectured in Consejo General del Poder Judicial-Consejo Superior de Colegios de Arquitectos meetings and in many conferences on construction damage and professional liability




Borys Czarakcziew – IARP architect, Graduated at Technical University of Kraków Faculty of Architecture (1987), he has the Architecture and Civil Engineer State Licence since 1993. He is the author of over 400 architectural designs of various scales and topics - residential buildings, public spaces, public buildings and offices. Borys Czarakcziew worked as a designer assistant in Cologne (Germany), as an assistant at the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology, he managed Miastoprojekt-Kraków as the President of the Board. In 2005, he founded a GPP Project Group. This team is the winner of many architectural competitions, including international ones (renovation of the former Nazi camp in Krakow-Płaszów, Convention Center in Katowice, development of areas in the center of Krakow). In 2018, GPP Grupa Projektowa received the SARP Award of the Year for the project in the residential housing category.  In 2002, Borys Czarakcziew was elected the first President of the Malopolska Chamber of Architects. From 2014, he became a member of the National Council of the Chamber of Architects, and from 2018 he is the Vice President of the IARP responsible for international affairs. He is an advisor to the Ministry of Regional Development in the field of architecture (recognition of professional qualifications and validation of architecture faculties). After IARP left ACE, he actively worked to return to this organization. From 2017 he is the head of the Polish delegation in the ACE.  Since 2009, he is deeply involved in European and international affairs for architecture profession. He represents Poland in the ACE Work Groups considered with access to the profession, school validation and recognition of professional qualifications. He represents IARP in ENACA (the European Network of Architects Competent Authorities). He represents Poland at the meetings of the CCA (the Central European Chambers Initiative) and organizes regular international conferences related to the execution of the architect’s profession in this part of Europe. He is a member of the Association of Polish Architects, in 1994-2002 member of the board of the Association in Cracow. Member of the Polish Architecture Council, whose goal is to create a Polish Architectural Policy.


Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Selma Harrington graduated at the School of Architecture and Urbanism and subsequently obtained a Master’s Degree. Having worked on various environmental, architectural and industrial design projects for two large Bosnian manufacturing conglomerates, she engaged as a consultant in Finland, Italy, Malaysia and Zimbabwe. After moving to Ireland, Selma expanded her expertise as Project Architect and Team Leader, working on school and pre-school projects, healthcare, residential, hospitality and office projects, integrating the principles of conservation, retrofit and sustainable reuse of historic buildings. As Programme Director, she contributed to the curricula development of the Design Studio, Conservation & Sustainability and Design Theory modules at Post-graduate level. She holds an MPhil in European Studies from Trinity College Dublin and has completed a PhD research at the University of Strathclyde, with focus on modernist architectural heritage and politics of heritage preservation. Through her leading roles in the national and international professional bodies (RIAI, IDI, ECIA, ACE), Selma is engaged in advocacy for the adequate positioning of architects in the planning, procurement and construction processes, advancing also the knowledge exchange and access to research on the built environment and its social role.





Born in Zlin, living in Prague. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture. Since 2008 he is a principal at Martinek/Architects studio, which is focused on renovations, private housing and public space.  Regularly participating in architectural competitions, some of these projects received awards. Participated on exhibitions (Young Blood Vienna, ZliNy - New York) and public presentations. Since 2012 active in the Czech Chamber of Architect´s. From 2014 – 2017 he was a member of the Executive Board and in 2015-2015 he held the position of Second vice – president. He was mainly responsible for introduction of new scope of services and fee-scale calculator. Since 2016 he is a member of the Gremium board of the newly founded Czech Architecture Award. In ACE he has been active in the Scope of Service work group since 2013. 2017-2018 he was nominated to the ACE Executive board on rotation principle and 2019 was elected for the second period. 


After moving back from Hamburg, he co-founded with his German partners the office planwerk in Cluj which contributed in the last 17 years to the transformation of the planning professional practice in Romania, generating city-scale urban regulations, focus areas masterplans, urban development concepts and heritage interventions guidelines, public space strategies and implemented projects for requalification of public spaces, as well as retrofitting historical buildings. He guided for 13 years the Urban Design Studio at the Cluj Architecture Faculty on brownfields transformation through ethical urban design approach. Involving the public administration and the civic action, he publicly promotes the holistic approach of heritage through social and economic equity, linking innovative public governance in planning with civic action. His ideas concern finding responsible positive answers to urban issues in cross-cultural cooperation and social awareness.  From 2015, Eugen Pănescu acts as Executive Board member of the Architects Council of Europe and coordinator of the Baukultur thematical area, following the European Urban Agenda and the partnerships for culture in the European Heritage Alliance, for the wise re-use and cautious retrofitting of buildings and urban areas and housing quality.





As a professional Architect and Urban planner he has developed during about 25 years specific skills in conception work, and he has also devised methods and quality systems for the management of large projects in the Belgian Architecture firm initially known as “Groep Planning“ and later as “SUM Project & Research” (as from 2006).

“Groep Planning” was for a long time a pioneer and a precursor of holistic approaches through the integration of manifold disciplines in the architectonic conception such as, mobility, urbanism, engineering, landscape concepts, social integration among others.   Furthermore since 2012 he has been actively developing and managing the “ADVISERS” Team in Brussels and Antwerp. The team coaches public and private developers through each of the decisive stages of their projects with an approach based on ethical values and professional independence. “Advisers” deliver advice, project guidance and management support for its clients on feasibility and project definitions, quality check, as well as on cost control, deadlines and regulatory compliance.  More recently ADVISERS was integrated in the BOPRO Group, a larger firm, which enjoys considerable experience in the areas of sustainable quality, circular economy as well as for what concerns coaching for communication activities for large, ambitious projects.  In addition to these professional activities Jacques Timmerman has also acquired significant experience in policy-making activities. As a founding member and President (2007-2018) of a grouping of Belgian Architectural firms, the “G30 Association of Architects”.


Diego Zoppi, architect (honours graduate in 1987 -Faculty of Architecture of Genoa)  He deals with Planning, Urban Design, Urban regeneration, Restoration and architecture. He signed City frameworks, the project for the National Rowing Center, selected for the 2006 Venice Architecture Biennale, squares, waterfronts and landscape of public spaces sited in Italy, in the Middle East, in the Far East.  Co-founder of AR&P Architecture with other colleagues, he successfully participates in various Design competitions (Redevelopment of the Genoa-Voltri urban waterfront coming from industrial area – realized, new parking and connection to the Historic city of the Republic of San Marino, numerous New towns around Shanghai (China), restoration of the citadel of Nanjing (China), new Tourist Center in the historic city of Jiu Ji Jiao (China) and projects as Swimming Stadium in Hanoi and Waterfront of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Redevelopment of the center District in Ryadh (Saudi Arabia), Innovation Center Solar Park (Dubai).  Various projects have been published on specialized Magazines (Casabella, Domus ...). He was member of the Board (since 2015 President) in the Provincial Council of Architects of Genoa. Since 2016 he is member of the Italian National Council of Architects, Landscapers, Planners, Conservatories where he coordinates the Department for Urban Planning Reserch & Development. Since November 2019 he is member of Executive Board of European Council of Architecs He is currently adjunct Professor in Urban Planning at the University of Genoa.


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