WORK GROUPS Area 4 - Research & Development

New European Bauhaus Work Group

Chair: Jacques Timmerman, FAB Belgium

Aim of the WG

Advancing the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative internally (MO’s) and externally (supra-networks); Supporting the partnership role of the ACE with the EU COM

Main Area of interest

Monitor, participate and contribute to the brief development of the NEB initiative in communication with the EU JRC, EU Parliamentarians and other partners; Monitor, analyze and contribute to the policy developments; Identify networking and match-making opportunities, in the spirit of cross-sectoral and cross-generational collaboration;


EU Research Projects Work Group

Chair: Selma Harrington & Veronika Schröpfer

Aim of the WG

Advancing the ACE’s and its MO’s participation in the EU funded projects;

Keep the amount, of projects limited to 7-9 Projects. Aim is not to hire more staff in this field.

Main Area of interest

Monitor and assess the trends and thematic content of the projects, Identify relevant opportunities for architectural profession; Identify networking and match-making opportunities; Contribute to developing a database of internal expertise (MO's, architects); Contribute to defining and developing work packages within the project proposals and preparing bids, as applicable; assist in evaluating the project proposals; Contribute to the projects delivery in the advisory capacity and/or expertise within the work packages.

Research and Development

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