ACE Observatory: The online platform dedicated to the architectural profession in Europe

ACE has recently launched a new web platform dedicated to the architectural profession. The purpose is to provide a single entry point through which users can search, access and compare a multitude of statistical information regarding European Architects, the architectural market and practices in Europe. 

Available in English and French, this portal has been developed with the support of the EU Creative Europe programme and is based on the data collected by the ACE Sector Studies since 2010.  For Mirza & Nacey Research who developed the ACE Observatory : “The ACE Sector Study has now been running for ten years, and there is a wealth of data available. The latest published report includes much of this data but cannot include each year’s back data in full detail. The ACE Observatory fills this gap, providing access to the full database (including new datasets) for all survey years and for all countries. The aim is to put users in control of how they view the data. Mirza & Nacey Research, who conducted the previous Sector Studies, developed the ACE Observatory so that users can view and explore the data. There is information about the demography of architects, practice of architecture and the market. Detailed breakdowns of architects’ earnings, practice turnover, participation in competitions and many other topics can be explored by country, practice size and year. The ACE Observatory is built using filters allowing users to choose to view data for a particular country or look at figures for a particular practice size. The ACE Observatory is designed to complement the report, providing extra depth. It has been designed for use by Member Organisations, individual architects and anyone wanting to research the profession.“ 

How to use the ACE Observatory?

In the 'help' section of the ACE Observatory you will find tools to help you in your research: video tutorial, user guide and FAQs. 

About the ACE Sector Study

The ACE Sector Study is a biennial survey that collects and analyses statistical, sociological and economic data on European Architects, the architectural market and architectural practices. Based on responses from c. 30.000 Architects in 30 European countries, the sixth edition of the Study, carried out in 2018, was enriched with new research areas, making it, without doubt, the most comprehensive study on the architectural profession in Europe and an essential reference tool for all those interested in the architectural profession and the built environment.   

ACE 7th edition of its Sector Study will be released in Spring 2021.

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