Spain: The Law on the Quality of Architecture receives approval


The law entered into force on 16 June after its approval by the Cortes Generales. This regulation, promoted by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Affairs, aims to protect and promote the quality of architecture as an  asset of general interest. It includes the creation of two...[more]

Highlights of the New European Bauhaus Festival in Brussels


Beautiful, sustainable and inclusive – behind this motto lies the vision of the #NewEuropeanBauhaus movement. From 9-12 June, the first edition of its festival enlivened the streets of Brussels and Europe. Discover the ACE highlights: "Standing with Ukraine: How the New European Bauhaus...[more]

Stay updated! The ACE INFO newsletter is now available May/june 2022


Find out what we've been up to! Stay updated with the the EU policy and legislative news relevant for the profession, ACE activities as well as links to recent publications, on-going competitions and forthcoming events. Find more about: ACE activities/publicationsEU News   Highlights...[more]

Save the date ! Join us during the New European Bauhaus Festival in Brussels - 9 to 12 June 2022


The Festival of the New European Bauhaus will take place next June 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. Organised by the European Commission, the first edition of this festival will bring together people from all walks of life to debate and shape a sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful future. Ultimately, it...[more]

ACE Statement: For affordable and quality housing in the framework of the AHA Forum in Madrid


The ACE Statement has been presented on the occasion of the Affordable Housing Activation Forum held in Madrid on 18-20 May 2022. "The way we inhabit our planet has been elevated to the highest political level with the New European Bauhaus, which invites us collectively to reimagine our...[more]

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