ACE welcomes some interesting aspects in the ruling of the European Court of Justice on the German fee scale (HOAI)


On 4 July 2019, the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) issued its ruling in the case opposing the EU Commission to the Federal Republic of Germany regarding the German fixed tariffs for the planning of architects services and engineers services (HOAI), deciding that by maintaining the HOAI, Germany...[more]

Launch of the 2020 edition of YTAA


The Young Talent Architecture Award (YTAA) 2020 has been launched on the occasion of « Perspectives: Young Architects’ Forum » organised by the Architects' Council  of Europe in Barcelona.   On November 23rd, the 2020 edition of YTAA has been presented on the occasion of «...[more]

New ACE Executive Board for 2020-2021


Last week, during the ACE General Assembly in Barcelona, the ACE Members have elected a new Executive Board to lead the ACE for 2020-2021. Georg Pendl has been elected as the ACE President for a second term. The Executive Board of the Architects’ Council of Europe consists of 11 members, six of...[more]

Statement of "Perspectives: Young Architects' Forum" 23.11.2019, Barcelona


On  23  November  2019,  the Architects’  Council  of  Europe organised a  conference  with  the  title Perspectives, inviting young  architects  from  all  over  Europe to  express  their  views ...[more]

A talk with Eva Jiřičná. Read the interview of the internationally renowned architect


In the framework of the ACE-UIA International Conference on Design Competitions, ACE talked with Eva Jiřičná to discuss her vision regarding quality in the built environment, a roadmap for creative process, regulations, women in architecture and nature... ACE: Last month, during the...[more]

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