On Saturday 11 June, as part of the New European Bauhaus Festival, the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE), with the support of its Belgian Member Organisations, organised a guided tour of the Tour & Taxis site (Brussels), followed by a one-hour Policy Debate.
The guided tour and the policy debate aimed to discuss challenges raised by the New European Bauhaus in relation to Architecture and Urban Planning, first through concrete examples during the tour, and then from a political perspective during the debate.

Policy Debate with:
- Kristiaan BORRET, Brussels Bouwmeester
- Niek HAZENDONK, landscape architect, Member of IFLA Europe NEB Working
- Sven GROOTEN, Founding partner & General director, B-architecten
- Marieke LAENEN, architecture student, Member of Stura KU Leuven
- Ruth SCHAGEMANN, Architects’ Council of Europe President
Introduction & Moderation by Jacques TIMMERMAN, Fédération des Sociétés
d’Architectes de Belgique
Conclusion by Jan MELIS, Conseil National de l’Ordre des Architectes Vice-President
and Vlaamse Raad President

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