ACE CPD Quality Guidelines

All registered CPD systems and material are required to meet the following GUIDELINES:

CPD Systems guidelines

1.  Availability of information about the system and CPD material.

2.  System operated or recognised by an ACE Member Organisation.

3.  Quality based assessment and regular review of CPD material in conformity with these general guidelines.

4.  Specific professional skills to be achieved, aimed at professional profiles.

5.  Organised by structured knowledge areas and defined by different training types, including relevant self-directed learning.

6. Method of financing that makes the CPD material affordable.

It will be acceptable that a CPD System has part of its contents dedicated to education and/or information for non-professionals, citizens and/or students.


CPD material guidelines

1.  Contents and objectives meet the needs of architects and other related professionals in terms of Continuous Development.

2.  Training objectives are best suited to the development of professional practice or a public service by architects and professionals.

3.  Material is generic and non-marketing oriented.

4.  Material content is adequate and clearly defined for professional context in which it is delivered.

5.  Material is accurate and current and available to a majority of professionals.

6.  Resources are adequate to support the learning objectives.

7.  Learning method and scope are adequate to meet the intended outcome.

8.  Different editions of the same material have consistent learning outcomes.

9.  Assessment of participants learning should be provided.

10.  Quality assessment methods are in place or planned.



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