ACE CPD Europe: Skills for your architectural life

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a structured way of maintaining and developing your competence as a qualified professional by engaging in regular learning activities.

Your CPD can be either structured or informal. “Structured” CPD will often be in a classroom, though it can also be through distance learning or online learning. Structured CPD activities will have clear learning aims and outcomes which will have been given to you by a teacher, speaker or tutor.


Informal CPD will usually mean quick, free and self-directed activities, such as reading. It may not always be obvious that these informal activities are CPD, but if you can learn from them, they can help you to stay up to date in a general way.

By undertaking CPD activities regularly you will, as a professional and qualifying architect , be able to:

 - Stay professional

- Ensure your competence

- Keep up to date

- Stay ahead of the game

- Enhance and improve your performance

- Keep growing and progressing

- Remain competitive and employable

- Manage and plan your career

- Enhance your client offer

- Increase your potential

- Widen your business and career prospects

 - Practice anywhere

To help participating architects to stay ahead and up to date, ACE has initiated a list of quality European CPD system for architects, endorsed by ACE Member Organisations in various EU Member States. While they are all very different in content and emphasis, these CPD systems all meet the minimum agreed European quality standards. They offer you sound and safe CPD. And as a bonus, all the European bodies listed here recognise each other’s CPD, making it easier for you to do CPD wherever you are.

In all cases, one learning hour equals one international CPD credit.

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