A talk with european architects

ACE interviews reflect on the future of architecture and the quality of the built environment. 

Marianne van Lochem: 'The more diverse the members in the team, the easier and faster you come up with creative ideas'.
A talk with Marianne van Lochem

Dominique Perrault:"Competitions are always synonymous with discoveries."

A talk with Dominique Perrault

Eva Jiřičná: "Nature has all the secrets for a perfect life on this planet if we learn to understand it. I get inspired, constantly astonished and surprised by nature and look for inspiration in nature from the beginning to the end."
A talk with Eva Jiřičná

Friedrich Passler: "Design competitions keep us fresh and new."
A talk with Friedrich Passler

n'UNDO: "Cultural profitability – is understanding culture and sport as generating quality of life from an economic and social point of view. Heritage is about valuing what we have, considering the different layers of the city, its’ internal knowledge and the different possibilities it opens."
A talk with with n'UNDO

Jaufret Barrot : "I imagine a pragmatic, organic, lively architecture, making good use of local technology and resources in materials, but also in jobs. I imagine an architecture embracing the environmental question in a global way."
A talk with Jaufret Barrot

Jeannette Kuo: "If we can design quality and generosity into buildings, that allow future generations to identify with them, perhaps we can extend the lifespan of a building."
A talk with Jeannette Kuo

Andrew Mcmullan: "Today, we have a responsibility to use architecture to benefit humankind."
A talk with Andrew Mcmullan

Anna Heringer: "Crises are in general a catalyst of positive change because we do really start to grow. In this current crisis, one thing is clear - we need to learn fast. "
A talk with Anna Heringer

Odile Decq: "We have to make different buildings, introduce vegetation and introduce outdoor spaces, allow what is called "living together" and the cities allow this."
A talk with Odile Decq

Dikkie Scipio: "We should not accept low quality, not in materials, not in skills and execution, but also not in knowledge."
A talk with Dikkie Scipio

3LHD Architects: "Architectural policies have a huge impact on all planning processes."
A talk with 3LHD Architects

Rudolf Graf: "It's essential that architects count on Europe and the national organisations to put architecture onto the political agenda!"
A talk with Rudolf Graf

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