Area 3 - Achieving Quality in Architecture / Baukultur

In a context of global warming, and while building energy consumption represents 40% of Europe’s total energy needs, ACE believes that it is crucial to explore new legislative, political and financial mechanisms and solutions, at EU and national levels, to allow for a more sustainable built environment.

Promoting the Architect’s role in achieving architectural quality and responsible design is the overall objective of the Architects’ Council of Europe through its Area 3 – Responsible Architecture. In its brochure "The role of the architectural profession in producing and delivering responsible design" (author: A. Zammit) ACE defines responsible design as an integrated, energy conscious, inclusive and adaptable quality design.


The Environment and Sustainable Architecture and Urban Issues (ESA-UI) Work Group contributes to this global objective by highlighting the unique expertise that Architects can bring to the design of energy-efficient building, the retrofit of existing buildings, the renovation of historic buildings and urban regeneration.

Achieving Quality in Architecture / Baukultur

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