Quality Architecture for sustainable and high­performing buildings

EUSEW Energy Day

18 June 2019

Part 1 Bringing solutions together: Voluntary certification schemes and other integrated approaches in support of deep renovation of buildings

Olivier Greslou, CSTB - ALDREN
Dragomir Tzanev, Eneffect - Fit­to­NZEB
Luca Laghi, CertiMaC - HAPPEN
Alexander Deliyannis, Sympraxis Team - iBROAD
Simona d'Oca, Huygen - TripleA­reno

Peter Wouters - Director of certification and standarisation at BBRI, Manager of INIVE EEIG

Five Eu funded projects ( TripleA­reno , iBROAD , HAPPEN , ALDREN , Fit­to­NZEB ) collaborating on integrated tools and methods for deep retrofitting, looked at key challenges that need to be surpassed for a breakthrough in building energy improvement, propose specific solutions, and highlight some good reasons for optimism.

Part 1 Presentation
Part 1 Video


Part 2 Raising the Bar for Level(s) – Architects' Feedback from the Pilots and Launch of the ACE Report

Panel participants
Josefina Lindblom, EU Comission - DG Environment
Brian Højbjerre Sørensen, Architect at Årstideme Arkitekter
Markus Müller, Chairman of Sustainable Architetcure work group of Federal Chamber of German Architects and President of Chamber of Archietcts of Baden Würtemberg
Dr.Esfand Burman, Researcher at the University College London - Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering Home
Dra. Anna Braune, Director Research and Development at German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB)

Dr. Judit Kimpian, Chair of ACE Sustainability work group

The ACE brought together architects and professionals of the built environment for a two­ hour debate on Level(s) : What is the potential of Level(s) to support sustainable architectural quality? What is the first feedback from pilots? What amendments are needed to achieve a broader uptake?
A study commissioned by the ACE, summarising a holistic, architectural perspective of Level(s) was presented on this occasion.

Part 2 Presentation
Part 2 Video
Study - Assessing the Role of Architecture in Building Performance as defined by the EU Level(s) scheme

Part 3 Up­skilling the AEC industry to deliver high quality energy efficient retrofitting with BIM learning tools

Heri Le Marois, Alliance Villes Emploi - BIMplement
Benjamin Fedor, Practee Formation - BIMplement French partner
Piotr Dymarski, Mostostal - BIMplement Polish partner
Arjan Schrauwen, ISSO - Net­UBIEP and BIMplement Netherlands partner
Paul McCormack, BelfastMet - BIMCert
Sunil Suwal, Metropolia - BIMeet

Amandine De Coster-Lacourt, Project Advisor at EASME

This session brought together experiences from four Horizon 2020 projects (BIMplement, BIMCertBIMeet, Net­UBIEP) working with BIM as a training tool and developing qualification frameworks in order to deliver a high quality performing built result. Themes such as indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and building performance are the focus of the developed trainings.

Part 3 Presentation
Part 3 Video

Closing presentation and remarks
Olav Luyckx, Project Advisor at EASME

Day programme

Day agenda

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme and the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union

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