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The Architects' Council of Europe is a non-profit organization founded in Treviso (Italy) on 11 May 1990 by the merger of the former Liaison Committee of the Architects of the United Europe (CLAEU) and the former Council of European Architects (CEA).

Since then its governance has steadily evolved in order to achieve its aims and objectives. The working structure of the ACE is devised in such a way that it maintains and ensures a high level of effectiveness within the realm of European architectural and professional policy.

Missions and objectives

Promoting Architecture in Europe

To enhance the appreciation of Architecture as a matter of public interest and as an essential element in the creation of quality in the built environment so that it becomes a matter of primary concern for European citizens.

 Advancing Architectural Quality in the Built Environment

To encourage, develop and promote quality in architecture, as a driver for prosperity and greater well being for all, as well as a supporting element of social cohesion.

 Supporting Sustainable Development of the Built Environment

To foster the use of sustainable principles in architectural design and planning, encouraging the adoption of holistic approaches to the complex issues and interactions that characterise the built environment, thereby ensuring a valuable and balanced legacy for the future.

 Ensuring High Standards of Qualification for Architects

To promote and maintain the highest standards of architectural education and training consistent with the Professional Qualifications Directive and consumer interest, in order to ensure the highest levels of lifelong skill and competence within the profession.

 Advocating Quality in Architectural Practice

To give guidance to architects on how to provide high quality architectural services to clients whilst working to ensure that the regulatory environment for architectural practice facilitates the achievement of this aim.  To affirm the role of the architect in the project team as an expert in the responsible development of integrated approaches to design and construction.

 Fostering Cross-Border Cooperation and Facilitating European Practice

To support the free movement of architects and architectural services throughout the European Union in the context of relevant EU Directives and Policies.

 Acting as the Single Voice for Architects in Europe

To stimulate effective cooperation between the Member Organisations of the ACE within the context and spirit of the European Treaty, thus giving the profession a single voice in EU affairs while respecting its rich diversity and cultural identity.

Member organisations

The Architects’ Council of Europe is composed of 43 Member Organisations which are the national regulatory and professional representative bodies in the EU Member States, the accession countries, Switzerland and Norway. Through its members, the Architects’ Council of Europe represents the interests of over 600,000 architects from 30 countries in Europe.

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The General Assembly is the supreme body of the ACE. It formulates and adopts the ACE policy in all matters arising from its objectives. It elects the President of the organisation as well as five members of the Executive Board. The General Assembly is composed of a delegation for each Member Organisation and meets twice a year.

The Executive Board manages and administers the ordinary business of the ACE and implements policies established by the General Assembly. It is assisted in its missions by the General Secretariat based in Brussels.

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