Access to the profession: How to become an architect in this country ?

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- Entrance examination. 

- Academic training of a minimum of 5 years plus a diploma project assessed by a state commission

- Compulsory professional experience of 2 years minimum as employee under an employment contract with a designer with full design capacity or four years as a freelance designer – for full designing capacity.

- Professional assessment by a jury of the Chamber of Architects.

- Compulsory registration in the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria.

- Continued training: not compulsory.

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The professional education is gained under the Law of Higher Education and qualification – under the Law of the Chambers of Architects and Engineers in the Investment Design. Relevant regulatories, concerning the architectural practice are : the Law on Development of Territory, Law on Regional Development, Law on Cultural Heritage with their ordinances, Law on the Recognition of Professional Qualification and others.

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