Access to the profession: How to become an architect in this country ?

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Universities (training offering a good balance between theory and practice in Aalto University in Helsinki, the Tampere University of Technology and in the University of Oulu)
- Academic training of 3 years (with practical internship during the studies, but not compulsory)
- Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. in Architecture).
- Academic training of 2 years
- Degree of Master of Science (M.Sc. in Architecture).
- PhD in 3-4 years
- Continued training: not compulsory.

UAS (more practical training aimed at “assistant architects”):
- This education ceased in 1996
- Academic training of 4 years in polytechnic Schools
- Degree: Rakennusarkkitehti
- Continued training: not compulsory

- Despite the fact that the profession is not regulated, architects can register voluntarily on a professional register. The register is maintained by FISE – Qualification of Professionals in Building, HVAC and Real Estate Sector in Finland and operated by the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA).  The following conditions are imposed upon the applicants:
- Masters degree in Architecture from a university or a technical university or Rakennusarkkitehti degree from a polytechnic school.
- Professional experience of 3 years with a complementary professional training of 15 to 35 hours per year. There is no examination.
- Registration has to be reviewed every seventh year, CPD is required for renewal of registration
- Local building control authorities make the assessment of the architect’s competence as a part of every building permit process. This assessment is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the project.  The categorised requirements can be found in the national Building Code of Finland – A2 Building designers and plans; Regulations and guidelines 2002.
(new legislation in 2014)

Academic education

Entrance examinations Yes
Duration of academic education 5 years

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