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Architects Association of Lithuania (AAL)

Kalvariju g., 1- LT- 09310 Vilnius
Phone: +370 5 2 756 483
Fax: +370 5 2 724 825
Email: info(at)architektusajunga(dot)lt

Architects Association of Lithuania (founded in 1924) is a voluntary NGO that unites all the licensed architects of Lithuania. Architecture students and retired architects have an access to an associative membership. Today AAL has 1081 members.
The organization has 6 sections in 6 different cities; however, legislatively it is one intact juridical body. The head of the AAL is the President, the important decisions are taken by the Board (14 members). The election of the Board and the President is held every 3 years via the General Assembly.
The main tasks of the AAL are to promote quality of architecture and living environment, to raise public awareness and participation in the process of urban development; to enhance collaboration between different participants of urban development (State, cities, various institutions, societies, and professionals); to present Lithuanian architecture at a global context, to foster international collaboration among Lithuanian and foreign architects.
Together with Lithuanian governmental bodies (Environment, Culture ministries and other) and institutions, research institutions and NGOs, AAL participates in planning and implementing various programs and strategies, related to the architecture field.
AAL organizes architectural competitions, various architectural awards, exhibitions, seminars, lectures, conferences and other events in Lithuania and abroad; consults governmental bodies and municipalities; deals with problems, related with architectural ethics. Working in close collaboration with the Architects Chamber of Lithuania, AAL participates in Lithuanian Architecture policy making, providing recommendations for legislative basis. AAL is a member of international architectural organizations such as UIA (International Architects Union) and ACE (Architects Council of Europe). Together with Latvian and Estonian architects Unions, AAL forms BAUA – Baltic Architects’ Unions’ Association.

Architects Chamber of Lithuania

Kalvariju street 1 09310 VILNIUS 
Phone: +370 5 275 42 41 

Email: info(at)architekturumai(dot)lt 


Professional title

Protection of the title of architectYes
Protection of the function of architectsYes 
Professional title Architect 
Mandatory RegistrationNo
If yes, Where ?
Competent authority - Ministry of the environment in collaboration with the Chamber of Architects
- Architects' Chamber of Lithuania (ACL) 

Access to the profession: How to become an architect in this country ?

- Bachelor of 4 years (compulsory)
- Master’s degree 2 years (not compulsory)
- Qualification: Qualified Architect (Dipl. Architect)
- Compulsory professional experience of 3 years for BA.
- Compulsory professional examination by the Ministry of the Environment and the ACL.
- Compulsory registration with the LAR.
- Continued training: compulsory.

Entrance examinations Yes


Additional compulsory practical training- internship3 years after Bachelor or 1 year after Master degree
Requirement for undertaking a period of traineeship There are no requirement 
Period of traineeship supervised (overseen)
By who ?
Architects' Chamber of Lithuanian 
Practical training period
Where ?
To which conditions
In the architect office

Not conducted
Number of hours per month required Not described
Compulsory Professional examinationYes. Compulsory Professional examination by the Ministry of the Environment and the Architects' Chamber of Lithuania. 
Complementary professional educationNot described
Remuneration of the TraineeshipNot described
Trainee accompanied Not described
Specific supplementary courses organised Architects' Chamber of Lithuanian
Model form of contract available No
Traineeship and practical experience undertaken abroad taken into account Yes 
Evaluation of the Traineeship Just during on the process of licensing in ACL
Evaluation method used Presentation of the works and recommendations

Liability and insurance

All designs must have insurance. 

Continuous Professional Development

Does a system of CPD for architects exists in your country ?Yes
If yes:
- Is it compulsory ?
- Is it encouraged ?
- Is it free ?
If it is compulsory,
is it required by law,
or by a Code of Conduct ?
Required by law
If it is regulated, who regulates the system:
a professional body,
a governmental body,
a combination of the two ?
A combination of the two

Is it organised ? Yes
Who provides the courses: ACL
What level of training is provided: Not described
Are certain subjects mandatory ?No
What types of activities or provisions are accepted :

Practical activity

Do you have any evaluation criteria for the CPD material ? Yes, the estimation of courses
Who recognize (accredits) these trainings :ACL
Development of the trainings :
A. Estimated number of courses / year
B. Estimated number of participants / year
C. Estimated lesson hours / year


Level of requirements for the architects :
Is this required level validated or checked and how:
A. Not requested,
B. Self-assessment of value,
C. Attendance tracking,
D. Self-assessment using self-test,
E. By regular checks,
F. Examination,
G. Thesis,
H. Others means (e.g. electronic monitoring) ?

Is training (provision) delivered abroad accepted ? No
What kind of sanction is applied for the non-compliance with CPD obligation:
A. None,
B.  Reprimand,
C. Expulsion from the register,
D. Other ?
Do you have a database of the content of your CPD Programme ? No

Requirements to practice in this country

What requirements must a European architects fulfil to practice in this country ?

Diploma, Registration with the Ministry of Environment and Architects' Chamber of Lithuania.

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