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ACE Member Organisation

Storgatan 41, Box 5027, SE-102 41 Stockholm
Phone: + 46 8 50 55 77 00
Email: kansli(at)arkitekt(dot)se
Website: www.arkitekt.se
Fack 893 FE 827, 751 75 Uppsala
Phone: +46 8 762 67 00
Email: [email protected]
Website: innovationsforetagen.se 



Professional title

Protection of the title of architectNo
Protection of the function of architectsNo: Profession is not regulated
Professional title Architect SAR/MSA (membership on Sveriges Arkiteter necessary)
Mandatory RegistrationNo  (volontary) 
If yes, Where ? Compulsory registration with the association to use the title SAR/MSA). The Swedish Architects does not have exclusive rights. 
Competent authority

Universitet- och Högskolerådet is the competent authority

Registration is not compulsory

Access to the profession: How to become an architect in this country ?

Academic training 


5 years

Qualified as


Arkitekt SAR/MSA


Professional training needed?



If yes How much time


No professional experience required for membership of the Swedish Association of Architects. Two years of professional experience is compulsory to be given the professional title “arkitekt SAR/MSA” by the organisation.



Additional compulsory practical training- internshipNo
Requirement for undertaking a period of traineeship
Period of traineeship supervised (overseen)
By who ?
Practical training period
Where ?
To which conditions
Number of hours per month required 
Compulsory Professional examination No 
Complementary professional education 
Remuneration of the Traineeship Traineeship should be remunerated
Trainee accompanied 
Specific supplementary courses organised 
Model form of contract available  YES
Traineeship and practical experience undertaken abroad taken into account  
Evaluation of the Traineeship 
Evaluation method used 

Liability and insurance

Read the insurance sheet

Are Architects obligation to carry insurance?


Yes, If you use the standard contract an
insurance is compulsory.


Legal Basis:
- what are the most commonly used Term and Conditions:


General Conditions of Contract for Consulting Agreements for Architectural and Engineering Assignments for the Year 2009 (ABK 09)

What are the requirements for obtaining  Insurance?


The insurance company makes an individual assessment of the business

How are insurance premiums calculated?


Number of employees

What forms of Insurance contract exist:


Defined responsibility for a fixed period


Insurances / Agents:


Architects of Sweden offers a commercial insurance with consultant responsibility, through Folksam, and there are other insurance companies.


Continuous Professional Development

Does a system of CPD for architects exists in your country ?Yes 
If yes:
- Is it compulsory ?
- Is it encouraged ?
- Is it free ?

If it is compulsory,
is it required by law,
or by a Code of Conduct ?
It is encouraged by a Code of Conduct
If it is regulated, who regulates the system:
a professional body,
a governmental body,
a combination of the two ?

Is it organised ? NA
Who provides the courses: Sveriges Arkitekter or other. Description below of the professional training programme given by Sveriges Arkitekter (the only one available) 
What level of training is provided: General awareness; Regulation and legislation, Detailed knowledge; Advanced knowledge; Local issues
Are certain subjects mandatory ? NA
What types of activities or provisions are accepted :

Workshop; Presentations; other courses

Do you have any evaluation criteria for the CPD material ? Yes
Who recognize (accredits) these trainings :NA
Development of the trainings :
A. Estimated number of courses / year
B. Estimated number of participants / year
C. Estimated lesson hours / year

5 courses / year
80 participants / year
300 hours / year


Level of requirements for the architects :Depending of which level of the programme you wish to participate in.
Is this required level validated or checked and how:
A. Not requested,
B. Self-assessment of value,
C. Attendance tracking,
D. Self-assessment using self-test,
E. By regular checks,
F. Examination,
G. Thesis,
H. Others means (e.g. electronic monitoring) ?
Self-assessment of value,
Attendance tracking,

By regular checks


Is training (provision) delivered abroad accepted ?YES
What kind of sanction is applied for the non-compliance with CPD obligation:
A. None,
B.  Reprimand,
C. Expulsion from the register,
D. Other ?
Do you have a database of the content of your CPD Programme ? Yes

Requirements to practice in this country

What requirements must a European architects fulfil to practice in this country ?




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