Information on specific countries and subjects

The ACE Website has a dedicated page about Architects in Europe where find detailed information about ACE Member Countries:


-   ACE National Member Organisation(s) contact details;

-   Statistics : Country statistics taken from the ACE Sector Study 2018 (including Socio & Economic data);

-   Professional title needed to practice and protection of the profession;

-   Access to the Profession : How to become an architect in the country;

-   Training : Information about practical training and intership requirements;

-   Liability and insurance requirements;

-   CPD : Information about Continuos Professional Development in the country (see also the CPD Register);

-   Pratice of the Profession: What requirements must a European architects fulfil to practice in the country.


ACE Guide "How to establish in another Member States"

>Under development<

ACE Member Organisations' International Programmes

- Architectes français a l'export (AFEX)

- BNA International

Since 2011 the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA) runs an international program propelling international business, exchange and collaboration with Dutch architects. Networks for architects working internationally foster peer group exchange. Events abroad bring together international teams and commissioners in order to find solutions for contemporary urgencies. Online resources and a helpdesk support offices working internationally and inform international clients about Dutch architects.


- Netzwerk Architekturexport (NAX)

Luxembourg Architectes Ingénieurs-conseils eXport (


The International Union of Architects (UIA) offers a comprehensive database about the architectural profession around the world. The information can be consulted by country and by subject. For each country, there are 6 main blocks of information:

-   Statistics, including general information and useful adresses,

-   Education, dealing with standards, internship, examination and titles,

-   Regulation, indicating the process to access the profession,

-   Practice, detailing the activities architects can carry, their liability or the insurances they need,

-   Procurement, referring to the methods to obtain commissions or the way to calculate fair compensations,

-   Transnational practice, informing about relevant aspects of international ventures


DG TRADE has developed an interactive map about EU trade and jobs to show how many workers benefit from trade in EU country. EU companies export more to the rest of the world than firms in the US, China or any other country, giving jobs to 31 million Europeans. In other words, 1 in 7 jobs in the EU depends on exports. 


 DG EMPLOYMENT - Country factsheet - Posted workers in EU Countries (2016)



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