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Latest developements of the Nordic letter to Autodesk


Following the 2-day workshop in Boston in 2023, the group from the four Nordic associations behind the Nordic letter to Autodesk organized a series of meetings where the Autodesk development team shared updates on their progress, whilst we at the same time provided them with feedback on specific too...[more]

ACE Manifesto on the New European Bauhaus


In September 2020, the President of the European Commission announced the launch of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) in her State of the Union address. The initiative was subsequently embedded in the Renovation Wave strategy, where it is presented as “an interdisciplinary project that will create expe...[more]

NEBinar Talks : A dialogue between the ACE President & the UIA President


The NEBinar Talks series showcases various aspects of the New European Bauhaus as an active concept for 21st-century architecture. The invited speakers, practising architects, lecturers, researchers, as well as other cultural professionals will ponder the application of the New European Bauhaus prin...[more]

Join the Living Space peer-learning visits in 2024


Living Spaces is a peer-learning programme designed for local and regional authorities to learn how to plan and implement high-quality architectural policies and projects. From July 2023 to November 2024, the programme will facilitate exchanges among the EU’s cities, regions, Member States and relev...[more]

ACE 2023 retrospective & 2024 outlook- Best wishes for the New Year!


This year, in the framework of the 2024 European Elections, ACE will strive to make Architecture a matter of public interest and driver of common good. In collaboration with the ACE Member Organisations and thanks to the expertise of our working groups, we will continue to raise awarenes...[more]

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