CNAPPC Congress: Living in our Country – Cities and Territories in the near future


On 5 - 6 July ACE President Georg Pendl participated in the VIII National Congress of the Italian Order of Architects held in Rome. This year’s edition was dedicated to the theme of “Living in our country: Cities and Territories in the near Future”.

Georg Pendl took part to a roundtable about “Architectural Law: sharing European experiences”, introducing the EU Directives that regulate access to and practice of the architectural profession and confirming ACE’s commitment to promote its cultural dimension. He recalled the importance of the recent Davos Declaration (read ACE Press Release) and the crucial relevance given to Baukultur, a concept he defined as follow:

The term is very comprehensive, including of course architecture, but also all activities concerning the built environment, so engineering, bridges, traffic solutions, landscaping, space planning, urban issues, public spaces, etc., but also the quality of the planning procedures, participation of users and the general public. We can define Baukultur as of common interest for the well-being of society.

During the intervention, the ACE President briefly highlighted the ACE’s collaboration with DG Culture and future initiatives, such as the conference on “Adaptive re-use and transition of built heritage” which will take place on 23 November in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands).

He closed his intervention with a remark about the Davos Declaration, exhorting architects to commit to the Baukultur cause, starting from their everyday work:

Declarations do not change the world, but they make a difference. It is up to you all, to work for better architecture in your own places, cities and regions.

Read here the full intervention:

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