Planning organisations from the creative sector present a joint statement on the New European Bauhaus


The joint statement is supported by the representative European organisations of architects, spatial planners, landscape architects, interior architects, engineers, designers, artists, educators and researchers of the built environment, who welcome the New European Bauhaus initiative put forward by the President of the European Commission as part of the Renovation Wave strategy.

For ACE President, georg pendl, who initiated this collective project: "We were delighted to hear the President of the European Commission say: "But this -the renovation wave- is not just an environmental or economic project: it needs to be a new cultural project for Europe“. This can be the start of a game-changing policy, as renovation isn’t seen as a technical issue only, but promotes a holistic approach, not only including the quality of the design, but putting it at the core."

The New European Bauhaus
Making the Renovation Wave a Cultural Project


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