ACE new visual ID : From a EU call to a new identity system


‘Turn together’. An ACE identity system by Bob Gray, Red&Grey Studio.


“The Architects’ Council of Europe works on behalf of its Members to promote, support and advance architecture and all those who use it. Influential dialogue and the art of conversation are primary methods of advocacy, when representing such diverse voices in order to achieve holistic growth and a better society for all. The concept behind the Council’s identity and all accompanying elements, including the typeface comes from the etymology  of the word conversation – conversation (n.) mid-14c., “place where one lives or dwells,“ assimilated form of com ”with, together“ (see con –) + versare, frequentative of vertere ”to turn“. In other words to hold a conversation, is to turn together. Working closely with the communications team, we have created a sophisticated identity system that has grown from this central concept to work across multiple platforms and contexts. As a design studio Red&Grey understand that everything is connected to everything else. The logo to the logotype, the logotype to the typeface, the typeface to the grid system, the grid system to the graphic system, the graphic system to the visual and verbal language and all of the above to the what, how, why and purpose of ACE. The goal for this new identity system is to elevate and enhance ace. It is to give it a stronger platform to strengthen and multiply its relationships and offerings with members, partners and collaborators.Why turn together? So that we can understand the needs of others. So that we can enable sustainable growth for all. So that we can build consistency and impact change.” 

ACE Visual Identity: 2020-2021 roadmap

In December 2020, on the initiative of ACE President,Georg Pendl, ACE launched a European call for a new, all-encompassing visual identity. The call aimed at encouraging innovative and holistic thinking: designers were invited to enter the competition with the same spirit of open minded creativity. We received 62 applications from 13 different European countries.
On 22 April 2021, as the winning entry, the Jury recommended Red&Grey Studio to ACE in order to develop its new visual identity: “The identity visualisation included an original narrative and linguistic content that would encourage the client and designer to work together in a new creative and open process of dialogue. Their design approach showed an understanding of the ACE story and effectively captured the world of architecture in a logically built concept and an original toolkit of parts.It was noted that the recommendation to develop a custom designed typeface would make for a highly original identity for ACE.” Find out more about Red&Grey presentations.
In May and June 2021, the ACE new visual identity was presented to ACE  Members Organisations.

ACE will gradually unveil its new visual identity in full.
In addition to the new designs for ACE communications items, stationery and other applications will be implemented in the coming months. From October 2021, the new brand identity will be phased in across different communication channels (newsletter, social media, events).

Work in progress
This new visual identity system will also be reflected in the future ACE website.

ACE Dynamic tool Kit



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