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Time to act: For high-quality architecture and living environment for all


Ahead of the forthcoming European Elections, the Architects’ Council of Europe is launching today its Manifesto calling on MEPs to act for high-quality architecture and living environment for all.


Our mission is to achieve high-quality architecture and living environments for all. The way we inhabit our planet is undoubtedly a driver of the unfolding climate and biodiversity crisis. The living environment we have created, and the way we manage it, consumes vast quantities of land, raw materials and fossil fuel energies – and generates significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions and waste. On the other hand, all too often in our cities, we are witnessing a loss of quality in our built environment, evident in the trivialisation of construction, the lack of design values and the deterioration of historic fabric. 


We must act now, to change the way our living environment is designed, built, maintained, renovated, managed and regulated. We need to adopt an attitude that favours the common good and quality of life and puts people and nature at the core of all spatial and urban developments. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of these challenges at all governance levels.

The European Union, Member States and cities have embarked on a radical transformation of our built environment to make it less energy and resource–intensive, more resilient to climate change and more inclusive. 


"Architects are agents of change. They have the necessary skill set to help local communities to re-imagine their living environments. In collaboration with the other stakeholders of the construction sector, they contribute to this paradigm shift, for more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive living environments" stated ACE President, Ruth Schagemann.


In order to achieve this mission and create a shared culture of architecture, the Architects’ Council of Europe advocates for the following actions to be taken:


  • Advance the highest standards in education and ensure the up-skilling of professionals;
  • Establish a SME-friendly regulatory framework and support innovation in the sector ;
  • Favour architectural and planning solutions in the built environment.


Read the ACE Manifesto.
Read it on ISSUU.

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