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Interview with the ACE President in SUSTAINORDIC: Legislation and Policies to Pave the Way for Sustainable Architecture


In six interviews, SUSTAINORDIC explore with capacities from within and around the building sector how we can actively, gear legislation to steer architecture and construction in the direction of sustainable practices and conduct. The report is part of work package 3 “Sustainable Construction Materials and Architecture”.

Six diverse views on the complexities of sustainable construction In this article we have collected six of voices from diverse backgrounds — researchers, policymakers, and representatives from NGOs, universities, and architects – each offering their view on the complexities of sustainable construction and pointing at paths forward while identifying the hurdles impeding the transition from unsustainable to sustainable practices in construction and architecture:
- Kai Reaver, Head of Architecture & Chief Advisor Norges arkitektforbund / Norwegian Architecture Association (NAL)
- Matti Kuittinen, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Aalto University
- Harpa Birgisdóttir, Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, City and Environment at Aalborg University, housing the BUILD research insti­tute (Danish Building Research Institute SBI)
- Daniel Hill-Hansen, Reduction Roadmap, sustainable design engineer at EFFEKT architects, team member of the Reduction Roadmap initiative.
- Nel jan Schipull, Architect MAA, Ph.d., partner at Vandkunsten Architects
- Ruth Schagemann, President, Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE)

“Legislation can never be an excuse to not achieve quality of the built environment. You have to find solutions for problems, and this is what architects do.Ruth Schagemann, President, Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE)

Read the full article here.

SUSTAINORDIC is a Nordic platform that aims to promote sustainable cities and societies, as well as sustainable consumption and production in accordance with the UN’s global goals 11 and 12.

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