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The New European Bauhaus Festival: Discover ACE highlights


From 9-13 April 2024, the New European Bauhaus Festival will celebrate innovation, sustainability and beauty around the EU and the world. This European Commission initiative, in cooperation with the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU, will take place in Brussels, but also across the whole of Europe, including many satellite-related events. "European Architects are change makers and have a crucial role to play in the New European Bauhaus Initiative" stated Ruth Schagemann, ACE President. 
Join us during the NEB Festival and find out more about how high quality architecture contributes to a sustainable future for all.

Discover ACE highlights:  

  • Wednesday 10 April

10am CET - Forum, Museum Stage: Introduction of the day: Mobilising for action Discussion with Flavia Hilda Nakabuye, Founder of Friday For Future (Uganda) and Ruth Schagemann, ACE President. The session will be moderated by Marieke Eyskoot, Master of Ceremonies.  

10:15 am CET - Forum, Museum Stage: Connect with CiD
The EU-funded project CiD contributes to the New European Bauhaus by tackling the skills and knowledge gaps in the areas of circular design, urban transformation towards climate neutrality, and bio-innovation targeting more inclusive, sustainable and enriching living spaces.  Prof. Jörg Schröder from the Faculty of Territorial Design and Urban Planning at Leibniz University and coordinator of the CiD project will give an overview of the development of innovative research and training in urban planning, architecture and product and service design with a strong focus on entrepreneurial skills 

  • Thursday 11 April 

2pm CET,  Museum of Art and History
Roundtable on 'Capital Markets and the New European Bauhaus’ with the contribution of ACE President. 

From 9-13 April 2024
Don't miss the NEBULA booth!

At the NEBULA booth, you will have the opportunity to talk to innovation leaders involved in the EU-funded projects REGEN, INPERSO, EHHUR, RINNO and REHOUSE about innovative solutions in the design and construction sector, aligning with New European Bauhaus principles. Meet the NEBULA project partners and discuss the New European Bauhaus initiative, co-financing access, peer-learning activities, cross-border collaboration, and cluster network activities. The EU-funded NEBULA project extends Built4People and New European Bauhaus to establish a network of Built4People Innovation Clusters.

Living Spaces at the NEB Festival / Booth #37
Find out more about how Living Spaces contributes to high-quality architecture and the built environment in Europe. Discover the opportunities that are open to you and how to join peer-learning visits on booth #37 at the Museum of Art and History.  
Living Spaces is a peer-learning programme designed for local and regional authorities to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and learn from each other how to plan and implement high-quality architectural policies and projects. Funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, Living Spaces is implemented by Eurocities and the Architects’ Council of Europe.

UREHERIT: Announcement of the NEB LAB Public infrastructure for Ukraine
The NEB Festival‘s Fair will feature the project "UREHERIT. Architects for heritage in Ukraine: recreating identity and memory“. Co-financed by Creative Europe, the UREHERIT project aims to analyse and rethink preservation and regeneration of Ukrainian cultural heritage in the context of sustainable rebuilding of Ukraine. Until April 2026 Ukrainian and European architects will collaborate during the workshops, seminars, research, conferences, pilot projects, CPD courses and educational programmes for students. The project is coordinated by the Architects Association of Lithuania, with Architects Council of Europe being an associated partner.   
On 12 April during the NEB Festival’s Forum session "Post-calamity reconstruction in Ukraine and beyond“, Rūta Leitanaitė, Board Member of the Architects Association of Lithuania  & Chair of ACE task force "Solidarity with Ukraine", will announce the start of the new NEB Lab "Public infrastructure for Ukraine".    Based on a Lithuanian pilot project, an open international architectural competition for an adaptive school project "Future school for Ukraine", the LAB will function as a professional knowledge centre and case study incubator, paving the way for democratic, open, transparent and quality-driven processes to achieve the best design and implementation schemes for public infrastructure in Ukraine.

The New European Bauhaus Forum BiH will hold a NEB satellite event "VUČKO the ARCHITECT" at URBAN DESIGN STUDIO in Sarajevo and online on 20 April 2024 with the contribution of ACE President, Ruth Schagemann.  
The NEB Festival event in Sarajevo VUČKO the ARCHITECT captures the ideas, actions and visions of sustainable living and urban environment at the intersection of the EU New European Bauhaus principles and legacy of the 1984 Winter Olympic games in Sarajevo through voices of the NEB Forum BiH in the Urban Design Studio, a unique civic showroom in the city center.

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