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2024 International Women's Day: 'Invest in women: Accelerate progress”


International Women's Day 2024 campaign theme is 'Invest in women: Accelerate progress”.
Let's get inspired with some key highlights for the IWD!

  • With the A/B/C handbook, take action on gender balance, diversity and inclusion!

"As European architects we are committed to promoting the value of gender equity and diversity in the profession to build inclusive workplaces for future generations. The A/B/C handbook is a toolkit specifically designed for and with the architecture profession to promote gender equality, diversity, equity and inclusion at work. It provides knowledge and the guidance on how to effectively promote the transformational journey to more inclusive and responsible organisations and work practices". Ruth Schagemann, ACE President.   
With the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, the ACE has released the 'A/B/C: Gender balance, diversity and inclusion in architecture'.
It is a call to action, a handbook, a manifesto, a practical tool for change, a voice, a commitment, a timely guide, a timeless demand, a reminder to keep learning, a conversation and a distillation of a grander narrative.
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  • Pay transparency: Council adopts new rules on pay transparency

The Council has adopted new rules to combat pay discrimination and help close the gender pay gap in the EU. Under the pay transparency directive, EU companies will be required to share information about how much they pay women and men for work of equal value, and take action if their gender pay gap exceeds 5%.
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  • 2024 anotHERVIEWture Award: Women's Award for Baukultur

The anotHERVIEWture AWARDS introduce women and their work to raise awareness of the female contribution in the building industry and engineering in order to highlight role models and to transform this area towards equality and diversity. The award includes four categories: female architect of the year/ emerging, female architect of the year, female engineering achievement of the year, and international female architect of the year. The prize money for the winner in each category is EUR 5.000.  The call for submissions for anotHERVIEWture AWARDS will open on 31 March and close on 30 June 2024. The ceremony will take place on 24 October 2024 in Vienna. The Award is curated by the Austrian Bundeskammer der Ziviltechniker, and the international award for female architect of the year is also supported by the Bundesarchitektenkammer and the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA).
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  • #Women4Heritage: At the Helm of Culture-Based Climate Action!

The 2024 Europa Nostra edition of the #Women4Heritage online gathering will emphasise the essential role of women leadership in culture-based climate action, with a particular focus on the Global Call to put Culture at the Heart of Climate Action which was initiated at the COP 28. With the contribution of ACE Chair of the Women In Architecture task force, Ursula Faix in the open discussion session.
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  • ACE talks with European architects

Eva Jiřičná: "Nature has all the secrets for a perfect life on this planet if we learn to understand it. I get inspired, constantly astonished and surprised by nature and look for inspiration in nature from the beginning to the end."
Anna Heringer: "Crises are in general a catalyst of positive change because we do really start to grow. In this current crisis, one thing is clear - we need to learn fast. "
Odile Decq: "We have to make different buildings, introduce vegetation and introduce outdoor spaces, allow what is called "living together" and the cities allow this."
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