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ACE-UIA-CNOA Joint Declaration for Sustainable Architecture to Turn the World of Today into the World of Tomorrow.


On the occasion of the 2024 Buildings and Climate Global Forum held in Paris, the Architects’ Council of Europe, the Union of International of Architects and the French Conseil National de l’Ordre des architectes signed a joint Declaration.

The Buildings and Climate Global Forum held on 7-8 March 2024 in Paris was co-organised by France and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). It brought together Ministers and high-level representatives of key organisations in an effort to spur the decarbonisation and resilience of the buildings sector and followed the successful launch of the  Buildings Breakthrough at COP28.   

This joint Declaration recalls the commitment of the architectural profession for designing a more sustainable built environment and represents a pledge to make architecture an economic lever at the service of the inhabitants and the planet by abiding key guidelines.  

"The way we inhabit our planet is undoubtedly a driver of the unfolding climate and biodiversity crisis. The living environment we have created and the way we manage it consumes vast quantities of land raw materials and fossil fuel energies and generates significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions and waste. I'm glad that the architectural profession was well represented at this important event, to recall that Architecture is a powerful source of solutions to challenges posed by climate change. We must act now, all together, to change the way our living environment is designed, built, maintained, renovated, managed and regulated. We need to adopt an attitude that favours the common good and quality of life and puts people and nature at the core of all spatial and urban developments." stated Ruth Schagemann, ACE President 

"The responsibility for the built environment and the future of Humanity is a matter of shared social, ethical and political responsibility amongst governments, public and private sector, society and professionals. Considering the global impact of our built environment the solution cannot only be “green buildings”, but must also be “green practices”, “green policies “and “green procurement.” The goal must be a “green built and living environment” as a long term value. It is our duty as architects to advocate for the best solutions for the built environment,while improving the quality of life of people and communities. Our collective approach must be multidimensional: respecting culture, society, identity, nature, biodiversity and humanity. Advocating for responsible land use and settlements, energy efficiency, and for the use of durable construction materials and methods during the whole life cycle, in harmony with local culture. The long term value should have priority." stated Regina Gonthier, UIA President   

“Let's restore architecture to its place as a solution to current crises worldwide: preserving planetary resources, protecting biodiversity, and adapting to climate change. Let's prioritize the rehabilitation of existing buildings and design new ones that serve both inhabitants and the environment. As designers of the living environment, architects bear a significant responsibility in ecological and societal transition. Together with all stakeholders in the building sector value chain, let's change our practices and strengthen our ties to meet the challenges at hand! stated Christine Leconte, President of the French Conseil national de l’Ordre des architectes  

Read the ACE-UIA- CNOA Joint Declaration for Sustainable Architecture to Turn the World of Today into the World of Tomorrow.

(Photo: CNOA)
At the Buildings and Climate 2024 world forum. From left to right: Rui Leão, Secretary General of the Union Internationale des Architectes, Regina Gonthier, President of the Union Internationale des Architectes, Valérie Flicoteaux, Vice-President of the Conseil National de l'Ordre des Architectes, Ruth Schagemann, President of the Architects' Council of Europe, and Christophe Millet, Treasurer of the Conseil National de l'Ordre.

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