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ACE fully endorses the Nordic open letter to Autodesk: Read and sign the letter!


The Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic Architectural Associations, which represent 14,000 architects, just released an open letter to Autodesk CEO, Andrew Anagnost, highlighting a range of deep concerns with its flagship BIM modeling tool, Revit, the AEC portfolio, its business practices and prices. In 2020 several leading UK and international AEC firms already wrote an open letter to Autodesk CEO.

The Nordic Associations want to see real action on core BIM development. An insight into the long-term roadmap of Autodesk’s BIM products, performance improvements and a prioritisation for the ground-up replacement of Revit to bring it into the modern software era.

The Architects’ Council of Europe fully endorses the Nordic Open letter to Autodesk: “Digitalisation topics are major concerns that are shared across the industry, by both large companies and SMEs. Even the largest companies are too small to be able to significantly resist software vendors and their terms. That’s why we believe customer actions like this are necessary and important. We encourage our Members' Organisations to sign the letter”. 

The way forward
The Nordic Associations would like to secure a common understanding for the needs that our design software can efficiently utilise modern hardware resources, dramatically improve data management and handling to comply with diverse international requirements, as well as better design tools.

Support - Read and sign the letter

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