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Latest developements of the Nordic letter to Autodesk


Following the 2-day workshop in Boston in 2023, the group from the four Nordic associations behind the Nordic letter to Autodesk organized a series of meetings where the Autodesk development team shared updates on their progress, whilst we at the same time provided them with feedback on specific tools, direction, and prioritization.

2023 retrospective

March – In-person workshop in Boston. The Nordic working group spent 2 days with 10 Autodesk product team leadership members with the goal of sharing information and building a working relationship. The Nordic working group shared a prioritized list of Issues (later referred to as the ‘Full List’) and the Autodesk team shared current and future product development plans.  

June – Virtual update on Priority Knockout List  

September – Virtual update on the ‘Full List’ Action Plan   

November – Customer Advisory Board: Autodesk held the first in person AEC Customer Advisory Board (CAB) focused on Building Design at Autodesk University this year. The CAB represents around 20 customer firms that represent a diverse range of firm size in 3 worldwide geos (AMER, EMEA, APAC). 

The CABs will meet at a minimum, 2x per year. Jens Kaarsholm (in attendance at AU) and Tone Stilen from the Nordic Initiative are both founding members of this group.  

Ongoing activities & 2024 outlook

Discussions and feedback sessions on specific features and issues This year, the initial focus will be on a series of deep dive sessions on specific topics from our original list, where the purpose is to get deep into the technical details of some of the specific requests. Depending on the specific topic or feature, different people will be participating. 

The  ‘Full List’ Action Plan  has also turned out to be a great source of inspiration for the developers at Autodesk: “The detailed spreadsheet provided by our Nordic customers proved extremely valuable to help identify potential small improvements – like alphanumeric parameter sort, and to help organize opportunities for combining multiple requests in the same feature area. For example, some of the topics and areas of improvements from this list contributed to the planning process for larger improvements to sheet functionality and management.” 

Product development team member of the Nordic working group’s top 11 priority ranked issues (scored 16 pts or higher), 8 are either In Progress or In Discovery mode.

While the group remains skeptical about the pace of progress on certain features,they also want to acknowledge that it’s been a positive and very constructive dialog we’ve been having with  the Revit development team so far, and look forward to continuing this dialogue in 2024 and beyond.

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