We stand with Ukraine: Don't miss the Ukrainian Pavilion "Ukrainian DNA" in Venice


Ukraine is represented at the Architecture Biennale for the first time in the last ten years. In addition, an exhibition an exhibition entitled "DNA Ukraino", a project by the Design4Ukraine association, the National Union of Architects of Ukraine and Roberto Bianconi, has been running on the island of Giudecca since 18 May.

The exhibition takes visitors on a material, spatial and temporal journey through key moments in Ukrainian history right up to the present day. to the present day. Before the official participation of the national pavilion was announced, the community of Ukrainian architects, designers and artists mobilised to produce the exhibition. of Ukrainian architects, designers and artists mobilised to secure private participation, to make its voice heard on the world stage and to be part of the exhibition and and to be part of the "Laboratory of the Future", which is the theme of this year's Biennial.

The aim of the project is to show a cultural synthesis that includes architecture, traditional crafts and culture. architecture, traditional craftsmanship, history, music, art and contemporary reality, which does not allow us to remain silent. The common objective was to make the relevant voice of architects from the territories of Ukraine heard and to create a space for dialogue between architects and civil society. of the territories of Ukraine and to create a platform for international professional dialogue.

The culmination of the exhibition is a time capsule video HERE AND NOW, featuring the voices of 63 Ukrainian architects, made under the auspices of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine and curated by Anna Kyrii. All the works presented in the exhibition create a multidisciplinary meeting place between Ukrainian artists, curators, historians and architects and the Italian and international community.

If you are in Venice this spring, be sure to explore the Ukrainian Pavilion "Ukrainian DNA" !
You will :
- know more about Ukrainian culture and about Ukrainians. More and deeper. To do it in a very intelligent metaphorical architectural and art way.
- hear more than 60 voices of Ukrainian architects, who sent their videos from all over Ukraine and even from the frontline.
- recognize that the history of Ukraine and Ukrainian architecture is part of European history and the Ukrainian future is part of the European future.
Explore the project here.
Find all the information about the project and the curation team here:


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