The ACE Sector Study is a biennial survey that collects and analyses statistical, sociological and economic data on the European Architects, the architectural market and the architectural practices. 

Based on responses from 30.000 Architects in 30 European countries, the sixth edition of the Study, carried out in 2018, was enriched with new research areas, making it, without doubt, the most comprehensive study on the architectural profession in Europe and an essential reference tool for all those interested in the architectural profession and the built environment.

The Study allows to draw insightful comparisons between the European countries and thus to shed a new light on national situations. It helps to better understand how the profession has been affected and transformed by the economic crisis and offers a detailed picture of the new reality the architectural profession must face. 

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The 7th edition of the ACE Sector Study will be released in Spring 2021.

ACE Observatory.

ACE has recently launched a new web platform dedicated to the architectural profession. The purpose is to provide a single entry point through which users can search, access and compare a multitude of statistical information regarding European Architects, the architectural market and practices in Europe.

1 - Architects in Europe

Read chapter 1: Architects in Europe

4 - The Individual

Read chapter 4: The Individual  

5 - Country Profiles

This section brings together all statistical data available for each country surveyed: construction output, number of architects (male/female, age), number of architectural practices, size of the architectural market, average revenue per practice, field of employment, earnings.

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