ACE publications keep you informed on ACE activities and EU legislative and policy developments relevant for the profession, and provide in-depth analysis on the architectural market and the architectural profession in Europe. 

  • Sector Study: The Sector Study is a biennial survey on Architecture in Europe commissioned by the ACE. It collects and compares statistical, sociological and economic data on the Architects, the architectural market and the architectural practices. 

  • Annual Report: A summary of the ACE annual activities.

  • ACE Info: the ACE newsletter gives every two months an update on the EU policy and legislative news relevant for the profession, ACE activities as well as links to recent publications, on-going competitions and forthcoming events. Do you want to subscribe to ACE INFO? Please send us an email at info(at)ace-cae(dot)eu or find the register link on the ACE homepage.

  • Others: exhibition catalogue, studies, statements...



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