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ACE Member Organisation

Danish Architects’ Association (DAA)

Abenra 34 - DK-1124 Copenhagen K
Phone: + 45 3085 9000
Email: ab(at)arkitektforeningen(dot)dk

Akademisk Arkitektforening (Danish Architects’ Association) – organizing 6,700 architects educated according to the PQD. Members are entitled to the title Arkitekt MAA.

Danish Association of Architectural Firms (DA)

Vesterbrogade 1E, 2 sal.-1620 København K
Phone: + 45 32 83 05 00
Fax: +45 32 83 07 30
Email: info(at)danskeark(dot)dk

Danske Arkitektvirksomheder, DANSKE ARK, organizes around 760 companies which together employ approximately 4,500 employees and account for about 85-90% of the aggregate building contract sums in Denmark.

The members of DANSKE ARK are private firms of consulting architects that are charged with architectural assignments and where the day-to-day management is undertaken by at least one person educated as an architect (according to the PQD). This person must have worked as a full-time architect for a minimum period of five years, including two years as a self-employed person or responsible leader.

DANSKE ARK focus on subjects related to the architectural offices´ needs and demands, including their role as businesses and employers;
- Wages and working conditions
- Public procurement
- Contractual issues
- Sustainability
- Constructions politics
- Architectural politics
- Education and competence
- Exports
- Business development


Professional title

Protection of the title of architectNo
Protection of the function of architectsNo
Professional title

cand.arch. and/or Arkitekt MAA (if  member of the Danish Association of Architects)

Members of Danske Arkitektvirksomheder (DANSKE ARK) , which are architects having their own practice and companies use the title “Medlem af Danske Arkitektvirksomheder” or “Medlem af DANSKE ARK”. Membership is voluntary.
The profession of architect is not regulated; the practice of the profession is unrestricted.  
Mandatory RegistrationNo
If yes, Where ? N/A
Competent authority There is no obligation to register with an association or an official list.

A voluntary registration can be made with the Danish Association of Architects (AA). This association is a private body that has a national head office and 7 local chapters. Membership of the Danish Association of Architects is compulsory in order to use the title Arkitekt MAA (Architect MAA).

Danske Arkitektvirksomheder (DANSKE ARK) issues certificates about persons in the member companies fulfilling the demands in directive 2005/36 and, if needed, the length of practice.

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science

Access to the profession: How to become an architect in this country ?

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- No entrance examination
- 5 years academic education (2+3) given at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and the School of Architecture in Aarhus.
- Final examination of the academic training giving access to the diploma   
-No Professional training required by law. Architectural companies being members of Danske Arkitektvirksomheder (DANSKE ARK)  must be led by at least one person having at least 5 years of professional experience, out of which at least 2 years as owners/leaders in an architectural company

- Complementary academic training (not compulsory)


Additional compulsory practical training- internshipNot compulsory
No professional experience required. A majority of students who graduate from the schools (5 years) gain practical experience (approximately half a year) in their holidays during their study.
Requirement for undertaking a period of traineeship No - but there is a possibility of undertaking a 2-year voluntary practical training programme
Period of traineeship supervised (overseen)
By who ?
The 2-year programme is supervised by the Schools of Architecture, the Danish Association of Architects, the Danish Association of Architectural Firms and the Association of Employed Architects
Practical training period
Where ?
To which conditions
At the architectural practices and at the schools of architecture
Number of hours per month requiredNone
Compulsory Professional examination NO – only a voluntary one after the 2-year programme
Complementary professional educationNo
Remuneration of the Traineeship NO, normally paid by the employers/employees
Trainee accompaniedYes
Specific supplementary courses organisedYes
Model form of contract availableYes
Traineeship and practical experience undertaken abroad taken into accountYes
Evaluation of the TraineeshipYes
Evaluation method used Through questionnaires

Liability and insurance

Are Architects obligation to carry insurance?

YES (Only members of Danske Arkitektvirksomheder), but all public and professional private clients have insurance demands in the contracts.


Legal Basis:
- what are the most commonly used Term and Conditions:


Commonly used Term and Conditions: ABR 89 and ABR 18, ABR 18 F (General conditions for Consulting services) which reduces liabilities in several areas compared with Danish law.


What are the requirements for obtaining Insurance?


Normally just education as an architect (title not protected)

Members of Danske Arkitektvirksomheder (DANSKE ARK)  have always access due to a general agreement with insurance company HDI, where the conditions each year are updated to match the latest general developments in contract demands.  Other architects must negotiate individual insurances.

How are insurance premiums calculated?


Percentage of fee, varying according to type and geography of work. Always a minimum premium. Single project insurance has fixed premium


What forms of Insurance contract exist?

Subscription contract for all work in a predefined period, not covered by single project insurance and single project insurance for larger projects.


Insurances / Agents:


HDI/Marsh (insurance company/broker). Subscription insurance is in HDI, single project insurance in different companies after tender. Other companies may also offer subscription insurance, but they mostly have limited market experience, less specialized staff and less coverage.
Read the insurance sheet

Continuous Professional Development

Does a system of CPD for architects exists in your country ?Yes
If yes:
- Is it compulsory ?
- Is it encouraged ?
- Is it free ?

If it is compulsory,
is it required by law,
or by a Code of Conduct ?
Not compulsory
If it is regulated, who regulates the system:
a professional body,
a governmental body,
a combination of the two ?
It is not regulated
Is it organised ?

The CPD courses offered by the Danish Association of Architects is structured, but there is no overall regulationary system.

Who provides the courses: The Danish Association of Architects, Danske Arkitektvirksomheder (DANSKE ARK), the schools of architecture, other institutions and private firms.
What level of training is provided: Regulation and legislation, sustainability; management; renovation, accessibility, insurance, contracts, business strategies.
Are certain subjects mandatory ?No
What types of activities or provisions are accepted :Courses; Workshop, Excursions or visits 
Do you have any evaluation criteria for the CPD material ?CPD material developed by the Danish Architects’ Association is always evaluated by the participants
Who recognize (accredits) these trainings :Nobody - it is not regulated
Development of the trainings :
A. Estimated number of courses / year
B. Estimated number of participants / year
C. Estimated lesson hours / year
Figures from the Danish Architects’ Association:
A 35 / year
B 800 / year
No figures from other providers, but probably much more than 800 participants per year from these.
Level of requirements for the architects :
Is this required level validated or checked and how:
A. Not requested,
B. Self-assessment of value,
C. Attendance tracking,
D. Self-assessment using self-test,
E. By regular checks,
F. Examination,
G. Thesis,
H. Others means (e.g. electronic monitoring) ?
Is training (provision) delivered abroad accepted ?

There is no regulation, so any training could be accepted by anybody

What kind of sanction is applied for the non-compliance with CPD obligation:
A. None,
B.  Reprimand,
C. Expulsion from the register,
D. Other ?
Do you have a database of the content of your CPD Programme ?

The CPD programme of the Danish Association of Architects is found here:

Requirements to practice in this country

What requirements must a European architects fulfil to practice in this country ?
Legal requirements: The same as the Danish architects, i.e. none.
Requirements in real life:
In Denmark the laws regulate the architectural work ex post. That means that the regulation is imposed on the project, not on the person. Denmark has very detailed planning and building regulation laws, which makes it difficult for foreign architects to work in Denmark without cooperating with Danish architects with detailed knowledge of the planning and building regulation.
So foreign architects who want to work in Denmark are recommended to work together with Danish architects, or as employed architects in Danish companies, at least for the first years. Detailed knowledge of Danish language is also necessary for those who want to cooperate with Danish building workers.



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