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ACE Member Organisations / Architects' Delegation Germany

Bundesarchitektenkammer (BAK)

Askanischer Platz, 4 - D - 10963 Berlin
Phone: + 49 30 263 94 40
Fax: + 49 30 263 94 490
Email: info(at)bak(dot)de

Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA)

Köpenicker Straße 48/49 - D-10179 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 27 87 990
Fax: +49 30 27 87 99 15
Email: kontakt(at)bda-bund(dot)de

Bund Deutscher Baumeister Architekten und Ingenieure (BDB)

Willdenowstraße 6 - D - 12203 Berlin
Phone: + 49 30 841 89 70
Fax: +49 30 84 1 89 722
Email: info(at)baumeister-online(dot)de

Vereinigung Freischaffender Architekten (VFA)

Kurfürstenstrasse 130 - DE - 10785 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 39 49 40 -19
Fax: + 49 30 49 40 39
Email: info(at)vfa-architekten(dot)de


Professional title

Protection of the title of architectYes
Protection of the function of architectsNo
Professional title Architect, landscape architect, town planner or interior designer
The architect does not have exclusive rights. Only the architect’s title is protected by the law of each Land, whatever the domain of intervention of the professional may be. 
Mandatory RegistrationYes, via a Chamber of one Lander
- For architects, generally minimum of 4 years of academic training required for registration.
- For landscape architect, town planner and interior designer: 3 or 4 years (depending on the particular state law).
- Exceptionally, Bachelor of 3 years is accepted by 3 Landers for registration, provided that the applicant has 4 to 6 years of obligatory professional experience (Bavaria 6 years + additional examination; Hessen 4 years; Schleswig-Holstein 4 years).
- Compulsory registration with the Chamber of Architects of one of the Lander. Registration is based on an assessment carried out by an independent jury of professionals headed by a magistrate or a lawyer. There is provision for an appeal process. 
If yes, Where ? Bundesarchitektenkammer (BAK)
Competent authority 16 Chambers of Architects of the Landers, whereas the National Chamber of Architects (BAK) is representing the interests of the 16 Chambers on Federal and European level. Each Land has its own regulations. Registration with a Chamber is compulsory in order to use the title. 

Access to the profession: How to become an architect in this country ?

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Universities (= +- 40% of architects): Numerus clausus or entrance examination
- Bachelor of 3 years comprising 6 months of internship
- Master’s degree 2 years, also 1 year possible.
- Formerly (before implementation of Bologna-Accord) Diploma of Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.), today Bachelor (BA) and Master (MA).

Fachhochschulen (= +- 60% of architects):
- 3 or 5 years of academic studies (BA and MA as 3+2 or 4+1)
- Formerly (before implementation of Bologna-Accord) Diploma of Engineer (Dipl.-Ing. FH), today Bachelor (BA) and Master (MA).

- There is a guide (suggesting a curriculum) for schools issued by the Chambers
- Schools providing BA and MA courses must be accredited by independent accreditation bodies.
- Students can practise the profession during their internship and as employed graduates (after diploma examination) even before registration with one of the Chambers.
- Continued training after registration: is not compulsory in all Lander. In some Lander 2 days of training per year are required. In others, the requirement is 32 points in two years (one point is equivalent to 45 minutes of courses or seminars or 2 x 45’ of professional visits or excursions.)
- Different curricula for architects, landscape architects, interior architects and town planners.


Additional compulsory practical training- internship2 years (3 years in Saarland)
In certain Lander , the two years practice must be accompanied by complementary training (some Lander recommend, organise, or even impose complementary professional training - for example 80 hours in Hessen or Northrhein-Westfalia).
Requirement for undertaking a period of traineeship Final diploma
Period of traineeship supervised (overseen)
By who ?
The employer
Practical training period
Where ?
To which conditions
Architects’ office or public administration
Always under direction of an architect
Number of hours per month required
Compulsory Professional examinationNo
Complementary professional education8 hours seminar (in some Lander) 
Remuneration of the TraineeshipYes, by individual employment contracts
Trainee accompanied Yes
Specific supplementary courses organisedYes
Model form of contract available No
Traineeship and practical experience undertaken abroad taken into accountIndividual approval by the Chamber of Architects possible
Evaluation of the TraineeshipYes
Evaluation method used List of exper.?
Presentation of a portfolio
Appeal possible in case of refusal

Liability and insurance

5 years for private and public buildings, (counted from acceptance, other terms of liability subject to contractual agreement). 

Read the insurance sheet

Continuous Professional Development

Does a system of CPD for architects exists in your country ?Yes
If yes:
- Is it compulsory ?
- Is it encouraged ?
- Is it free ?
If it is compulsory,
is it required by law,
or by a Code of Conduct ?
required by law 
If it is regulated, who regulates the system:
a professional body,
a governmental body,
a combination of the two ?
a professional body

Is it organised ? Yes
Who provides the courses:Training mainly provided by the architect’s chambers
What level of training is provided: 
Are certain subjects mandatory ?Yes
What types of activities or provisions are accepted : 
Do you have any evaluation criteria for the CPD material ?No
Who recognize (accredits) these trainings :Architect’s Chambers of the Lander
Development of the trainings :
A. Estimated number of courses / year
B. Estimated number of participants / year
C. Estimated lesson hours / year
Level of requirements for the architects :32 points on 2 years = 12 hours per year
Is this required level validated or checked and how:
A. Not requested,
B. Self-assessment of value,
C. Attendance tracking,
D. Self-assessment using self-test,
E. By regular checks,
F. Examination,
G. Thesis,
H. Others means (e.g. electronic monitoring) ?
Not requested in most Lander, by regular checks in Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia

Is training (provision) delivered abroad accepted ? 
What kind of sanction is applied for the non-compliance with CPD obligation:
A. None,
B.  Reprimand,
C. Expulsion from the register,
D. Other ?
Reprimand in some Lander, expulsion from the register in Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia
Do you have a database of the content of your CPD Programme ?

Requirements to practice in this country

What requirements must a European architects fulfil to practice in this country ?
Registration by an architect’s chamber



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