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ACE Member Organisation

Slovak Chamber of Architects (SKA)

Namestie SNP 18 - 811 06 Bratislava
Phone: +421 254 43 1080
Fax: +421 254 43 0863
Email: komarch(at)komarch(dot)sk

Unique National chamber with headquarter in Bratislava – Capital of Slovakia. The Chamber oversees the profession of Architecture. Main goals:
• As a Competent Authority, Chamber provides the Authorisation of architects for regulated profession, maintains the List of Authorised Architects in Slovakia, keeps the Register of Visiting Architects providing their services on Slovak territory;
• Act as reference body for the purpose of evaluation of schools in accordance with PQD;
• Approve the condition of Urban and architecture competitions organised in Slovakia under the conditions established by Chamber of architects;
• Oversees the legal forms and conditions of practise of profession, notably as regards compulsory professional liability insurance;
• Guarantee that the Disciplinary and ethical codes of the profession are respected;
• Arrange conciliations in the event of conflicts between architects or between architects and clients;
• Represent the profession vis-a-vis public authorities and promote general public awareness on the importance and role of architectural profession


Professional title

Protection of the title of architectYes  (authorised architect)
Protection of the function of architectsYes
Professional title Authorized Architect
Mandatory RegistrationYes
If yes, Where ? Slovak Chamber of Architects (SKA)
Competent authority Slovak Chamber of Architects (SKA)

Access to the profession: How to become an architect in this country ?

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- Entrance examination
- Academic training of 6 years
- Degree: Engineer Architect (Ing. arch.)., Mgr. art., Mgr. arch.
- Compulsory professional experience of a minimum of 3 years – post- graduate; in any country, supervised.
- Compulsory professional examination by the Examination Commission appointed by the Ministry of Construction and Regional Development (+ oath).
- Continued training: compulsory (with no specification of the content or form).


Additional compulsory practical training- internship3 years
Requirement for undertaking a period of traineeship A logbook downloaded from the Chamber's website
Period of traineeship supervised (overseen)
By who ?
The professional experience needs to be supervised by an architect entitled according to the local law to carry whole range of activities compared to those of an Authorized Architect 
Practical training period
Where ?
To which conditions
Typically within the studio and under the supervision of a fully qualified architect; other forms of cooperation are allowed, too but the supervisor needs to declare the form of supervision as well as the range of activities carried out during the practical experience.
Number of hours per month required No requirement
Compulsory Professional examination Yes 
Complementary professional educationNo
Remuneration of the TraineeshipUnspecified 
Trainee accompanied 
Specific supplementary courses organised No 
Model form of contract available No 
Traineeship and practical experience undertaken abroad taken into account Yes 
Evaluation of the Traineeship logbook and presentation of a portfolio 
Evaluation method used 

Liability and insurance

Compulsory (in eight days after authorization and inscription to the list  of Authorized Architects) – compulsory both for Authorized and Visiting Architects (temporary and occasional registration)

Continuous Professional Development

Does a system of CPD for architects exists in your country ?Yes
If yes:
- Is it compulsory ?
- Is it encouraged ?
- Is it free ?

If it is compulsory,
is it required by law,
or by a Code of Conduct ?
Required by law however system is currently only under construction
If it is regulated, who regulates the system:
a professional body,
a governmental body,
a combination of the two ?

Is it organised ? Not organised
Who provides the courses: 
What level of training is provided: 
Are certain subjects mandatory ?
What types of activities or provisions are accepted :

Do you have any evaluation criteria for the CPD material ? 
Who recognize (accredits) these trainings :
Development of the trainings :
A. Estimated number of courses / year
B. Estimated number of participants / year
C. Estimated lesson hours / year


Level of requirements for the architects :
Is this required level validated or checked and how:
A. Not requested,
B. Self-assessment of value,
C. Attendance tracking,
D. Self-assessment using self-test,
E. By regular checks,
F. Examination,
G. Thesis,
H. Others means (e.g. electronic monitoring) ?

Is training (provision) delivered abroad accepted ? 
What kind of sanction is applied for the non-compliance with CPD obligation:
A. None,
B.  Reprimand,
C. Expulsion from the register,
D. Other ?
Do you have a database of the content of your CPD Programme ? 

Requirements to practice in this country

What requirements must a European architects fulfil to practice in this country ?

Standard requirements based on PQD;
1. Establishment: we are looking at the home state eligibility and certificates from CA (not necessarily registered)
Typically we accept in automatic regime a fully qualified European architect having a listed qualification (Annex VI and V.7)+ accompanying certificate (access to market requirements listed in Column IV of Annex V.7); post registration also compulsory professional indemnity insurance with cover of Slovak territory (we accept also insurance policies from abroad if they territorial validity includes SR).

2. Prior declaration (cross-border or temporary and occasional provision of services)
An architect needs to be established in his Home State to be eligible for this regime;
Registration form: We ask him to bring a confirmation from his CA to approve this eligibility (establishment in his Home State) on registration form (issued by SKA) that needs to be filled in and certified by the Home CA; this form needs to be accompanied by:
Diploma (listed – Annex V.7, VI),
Extract of criminal record (not older than 3 months);
PII: If he has an insurance policy that covers PII also for Slovakia, then a copy of this insurance policy should be presented.
If not, he is obliged to conclude an insurance policy within 8 days post registration for the whole duration of registration (Chamber has a broker helping architects to find the appropriate insurance); there are no minimum sums insured

Registration fee: registration is valid for one year (and may be renewed easily upon request); Visiting Architect does not become member of the Chamber and therefore does not pay any additional fees.



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