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Significant research effort is focused on highlighting and closing the gap between the expected and achieved energy performance improvements of buildings and the effectiveness of existing legislation and standards to achieve this. ACE champions the role of architects as integrators in low energy construction so that solutions put forward for low carbon refurbishment and new build are designed to balance the long-term needs of occupants and investors, and to contribute to urban regeneration.

This document includes ACE detailed comments on the Strategy for the Sustainable Competitiveness of the Construction Sector and its Enterprises.


The EU Commission launched on 9 July 2013 a public consultation on Sustainable Buildings (close on 1 October 2013). The European Commission wanted to gather views and additional information on the possible introduction of EU wide measures to achieve better environmental performance of buildings. 

Consultation of the EU Commission from 18 July to 26 September 2014. The purpose of this consultation was to gather ideas and further clarifying the need for an EU urban agenda, what its objectives should be and how it could function.

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