Access to the profession: How to become an architect in this country ?

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Universities (= +- 40% of architects): Numerus clausus or entrance examination
- Bachelor of 3 years comprising 6 months of internship
- Master’s degree 2 years, also 1 year possible.
- Formerly (before implementation of Bologna-Accord) Diploma of Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.), today Bachelor (BA) and Master (MA).

Fachhochschulen (= +- 60% of architects):
- 3 or 5 years of academic studies (BA and MA as 3+2 or 4+1)
- Formerly (before implementation of Bologna-Accord) Diploma of Engineer (Dipl.-Ing. FH), today Bachelor (BA) and Master (MA).

- There is a guide (suggesting a curriculum) for schools issued by the Chambers
- Schools providing BA and MA courses must be accredited by independent accreditation bodies.
- Students can practise the profession during their internship and as employed graduates (after diploma examination) even before registration with one of the Chambers.
- Continued training after registration: is not compulsory in all Lander. In some Lander 2 days of training per year are required. In others, the requirement is 32 points in two years (one point is equivalent to 45 minutes of courses or seminars or 2 x 45’ of professional visits or excursions.)
- Different curricula for architects, landscape architects, interior architects and town planners.

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