In view of the growth of Building Information Modelling in various EU Member States, in 2015 ACE has established a work group to look at the legal, technical and financial issues surrounding the advent of BIM, develop its policy and engage with work to develop an European (CEN) standard.

The ''BIM IN EUROPE'' Conference presented the results of three years of work of the ACE BIM Work Group, together with interventions by the EU BIM Task Group, CEN Committee and BIM users. The event was organised with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Speakers and Presentations

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Lars Jarle Nore, Chairman ACE BIM Work Group

Lars is the Chairman of the ACE BIM Work Group and ACE Representative in the CEN TC442. He has worked in Ramboll since 1989, becoming Head of Architecture and Planning. He is member of the ACE Executive Board for 2015-2017. 

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Øivind Rooth, Chairman CEN TC 442

 Øivind is the Chair of the CEN Technical Committee 44. He s also Chairmen of the Standardisation Committee on Building Information Modelling in Norway and Senior Technical Advisor of the Norwegian Building Authority

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Adam Matthews, Chair of the EU BIM Task Group

Adam is Head of International Affairs for the UK Government’s BIM Task Group. Since 2013, he has led the formation of a public sector network, the ‘EU BIM Task Group’ and is Chair of the group following the European Commission’s award of co-funding for the project.

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Anette Søby Bakker, ACA Norway

Anette works as Chief Legal Advisor at the Association of Consulting Architects (ACA), the Industry and employer organization for offices with practicing building architects, landscape architects and interior architects in Norway

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Tilmann Prinz, BAK Germany

Tilmann is the Secretary General of the Federal Chamber of German Architects (BAK) and a member of the ACE BIM Work Group. He has been Managing Director and Legal Adviser at the German Association of Architects (Bund Deutscher Architekten BDA) Berlin in 1997 and, from 2002 to 2003 was Senior Policy Advisor at the Architects Council of Europe (ACE) in Brussels.

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Peter Hyttel Sørensen, DA Denmark

Peter is a BIM expert representing DA Denmark in the ACE BIM Work Group. He is a member of the National ISO office (2015-2016) and has been participating in CEN TC 442 Workgroup. Peter has worked for the Architectural firm CF Møller since 2000.

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Peter Op ’t Veld, BIMplement Project Partner

Peter is the coordinator of the PROF-TRAC project and partner in the BIMplement Project, in which ACE is taking part. He is Senior Consultant at Huygen and visiting professor at Hasselt University since 2014.

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Vincent Gourguechon, TIM Architecture, Tourcoing (France)

Vincent is the founder of TIM Architecture. The studio was founded in 2011 by a group of self-employed architects who collaborate since 2006. The agency develops different projects in multiple areas: public facilities, collective and individual housing, offices, urban and landscaped developments and research

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Astrid Van Veen, Snøhetta (Norway)

Astrid is Senior Architect and Project Leader at Snøhetta, an international architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and brand design office based in Oslo, Norway and New York City, with more than 180 employees from 30 different nations

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