Location: Cles (Italy)
Year: 2015


  • CNAPPC Awards- First Prize (2016)
  • Constructiv Alps Prize - Third Prize (2017)

Building description

The Caltron social house aims to serve as a central meeting point for all the inhabitants of the city of Cles, located in the north of Trento. All the architectural choices are based on the important social role of the building and take into account the particular context in which it occurs.

The design of the place was meant as a link between the historic town and the rural landscape. The building is compact and proportionate to the surrounding, ensuring the continuity of the urbanisation of the small town. The façade, with its rhythm of solids and voids, echoes the apple orchards planted behind the building. This contemporary architecture has thus become part of the landscape.

The building is entirely made of wood; both the north and south façades are covered with vertical slats of larch, while the eastern and western long fronts are defined by the vertical scan of the larch pillars. The windows are set back and protected by the façade to generate continuity between interior and exterior, as well as to mitigate the effect of the sun in the inner rooms.

The large meeting room is an empty space, adaptable and modifiable according to needs. Upstairs, a large covered terrace allows a magnificent view of the valley. The wooden pillars that support the roof act as sunblinds and increase privacy within the space.

Mariano Dallago


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